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GameInformer: "The Wii U version is loaded with the features of the already-released editions, with the exception of one important part."

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LOL_WUT1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

"While it's up to you how much you use the GamePad to your advantage, no matter which way you choose to control the game (including combinations with the Pro Controller, using the Wii controllers, or the GamePad as a motion-based controller itself), it doesn't feel as tight as the Xbox 360/PS3 versions. "

Edit: I'd also like to add how they didn't mention much about the graphics seems to me like it was more of a PR stunt.

@ below happy? Jeez...

MariaHelFutura1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Don't drag dirt from one thread to another. Those discussions are for PMs.

herbs1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Lack of analog triggers bites the Wii U in the ass basically sums up this review. It's sad that Nintendo makes so many baffling design choices. Hey let's painstakingly make are system backward compatable but let's not offer any GameCube games for download because we forgot to add analog triggers to our new controllers so now porting those games that would have made us a shit load of free money day one and would have given gamers extra insentive to buy our console won't happen. Fail fail fail.

What I have stated above is just a rant and I'm sure the lack of analog triggers will not really effect an arcade racer like this and Im certain the other features more than offset there absence also this version is graphically superior to the other console versions and anyone who states the opposite just have some pointless fanboy agenda like a certain someone below.

profgerbik1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

They do it cause they are cheap, always selling their devices for top dollar while cutting production cost to save them money.

Wii, 3DS is a perfect example of that and so is the DS. How many times did they revise the DS and 3DS? Yet they are all so similar still and bare no real major improvements from the last.

That is what eats me about Nintendo, they have done this for a long time now and oddly their fan base doesn't seem to care they aren't willing to take any risk or provide a finished product. Not one that will need a bunch of add ons later just to make up for all the shit they could have put in it before hand.

The Wii U should be way cheaper. The gamepad is cheap, the system itself is cheap even is using modified older hardware of theirs.. I just don't understand why true Nintendo supporters just don't want them to do more.

Makes no sense they have been one of the most successful when it comes to gaming yet they always put out the cheapest and weakest hardware each time also for a few times but they still never pushed the hardware at all.

This has nothing to do with NFS:MW btw I am just talking about their hardware.

Cooltoys0071948d ago

Right and we have great companies like Microsoft who said lets rush the Xbox 360 and get a law suit for the ring of death. Not to mention that went through quite a few design changes or Sony ps3 that was down scaling and catching on fire. Which this console had the most radical changes to it.

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herbs1949d ago

You need to get a life Dylila...

GribbleGrunger1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Ok, this is a little suspicious. Why have they avoided mentioning the better graphics? Is it because they wanted to give it a low score and thought it would be better to avoid mentioning them? I'm no a Nintendo fan, I'm a Sony fan, but I like fair play and this sounds just a tad 'predetermined' to me.

edit: From another review:

'Graphics seem slightly worse compared to other versions'

I'm confused. I swear I saw some pictures comparing the 360 version with the Wiiu version and the Wiiu version looked a hell of a lot better ... in fact, wasn't there an interview with the devs in which they said as much?

Here we go:



Yodagamer1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I know they changed up the lighting scheme at night, which was said to be the best criterion has done. So maybe it's just purely an opinion. I've also seen reviews say it's better, it's on par or slightly better. So once again mika/Dylila is just using one review to contradict many.

Cooltoys0071948d ago

I've have both Xbox and wii u. Wii u graphically is better. If you don't think so you are a fan boy in denial. I also doubt these bias gamers have it or the wii u. If so look me up on mii verse and prove it to me. On the wii u if you don't have the game it tells everybody so it's very easy to call out a liar plus you can also share post in game pictures to the mii verse. So look me up I'm nocheaters007. I'm calling you out!

richyque1949d ago

This is 29.99 at ea origin website wii u version.