Dear Square-Enix, Your HD Collections Should be Your Wii U Ports

GenGAME writes: "So it looks like the big Wii U game Square-Enix decided to bring over is Deus Ex: Human Revolution – a reach for the hardcore crowd if I’ve ever seen one. I do remember there being a strong campaign for Deus Ex on Nintendo platforms back in the day, but let’s face it: Nintendo fans don’t buy those kinds of hardcore games.

"You know what kinds of games Nintendo fans do buy, though? Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts – both of which incidentally have HD remasters on the way. Why isn’t Square-Enix working on giving Wii U fans the experiences that Nintendo fans have already proven they love?"

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legendoflex2010d ago

Deus Ex is I'm sure going to be awesome, especially if Straight Right is handling and uses the GamePad nearly as well as they did with Mass Effect 3. However, therein lies the problem: it's probably going to sell like Mass Effect 3.

You'd think HD collections wouldn't be too tough to port multiplatform - just use the original system as the basis for the new game, and have another team modify the code for the port. Plus, unlike current games the content is already finished, y'know?

DonFreezer2005d ago

It's simple Sony pays them to not release the collections to other platforms.