Brand New Screenshots and Details on ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ for Consoles

We are pleased to announce that we’ve got a ton of new information about the upcoming release of ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ to share with you, from new characters, enemies, Wii U functionalities, and new screenshots.

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FantasyStar2012d ago

The game looks good enough to be considered a console-game. I had lower expectations so I'm pleasantly surprised.

Also a kudos to the Contributor for not adding the "other" screenshot. That was brave. <3

Plagasx2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Cant't wait to get it on PC.

Saladin4162012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

blonde girl, with tits hanging out is a bit much, am i right

FantasyStar2011d ago

Could be worse. At least she isn't trying to kill you. That would be tragic.