Sony Encourages Parties

In case you were wondering if Sony was the shy, quiet type or the ones to get things rolling at the party, here's your answer. Loot Ninja got a big box from them today labeled "Party Pack", which quickly raised an eyebrow. To celebrate the launch of SingStar 90's and Buzz! The Holly wood Quiz for the PS2, Sony is helping out with how to truly throw a rockin' party.

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fiercescuba3606d ago

nothing says "The Party is Here" like feather boas and shot glasses.

drunkpandas3606d ago

Tuxedo t-shirts are usually right up there too. Sadly, one of them was not included. Hah

vloeistof3606d ago

get the party started ( and release home)

Harry1903606d ago



meepmoopmeep3606d ago

man, i want singstar for the PS3 and i hope the SingStore has a back catalog of the previous SS games

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