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“Don’t play for more than an hour a day”: Japanese video game master gives great advice

4m ago - Takahashi Toshiyuki, better known as Takahashi Meijin, is a renowned gaming personality in Japan.... | Culture

Aksel Junkkila Discusses Babylon 5 & FTL inspired Battlestation

5m ago - Greg Micek writes: "Anytime you describe a game using Babylon 5 and FTL it's going to get some at... | PC

Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer is Awesome and Explodey

7m ago - Microsoft has released the newest launch trailer for Sunset Overdrive that features gameplay foot... | Xbox One

Alien Isolation's Ripley DLC is now available separately on PS4 & Xbox One

9m ago - Alien Isolation's Last Survivor and Crew Expendable pre-order DLC are now available to purchase s... | PS4

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Review: Team Indie | G3AR

11m ago - G3AR: "When I started playing Team Indie, I thought, “Pffft easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Boy was I... | PC