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"How many times have played a game and thought this experience could be more realistic? This was certainly a selling point for Fallout: New Vegas, as they included a “hardcore” mode with this in mind. Sadly the idea never really caught on, that is with the exception of Monster Hunter. Unfortunately Monster Hunter never went on to become that great in the USA or Europe, but did go on to be a system seller in Japan. Since then, we’ve missed out on the last few titles, but Capcom decided to test the water yet again with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. With this being the first truly impressive game on the Wii U, is it a sign of hope for Wii U owners or will this honor go to Pikmin 3?" - JPS

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admiralvic1950d ago

Happy to see this game is getting great scores. I've been a huge fan since the first PSP title, but no one around me even heard of it. Hopefully this will result in Capcom bringing 4 over too!

MightyMark4271950d ago

Time to spend hundred of hours again... God how I miss this game :D