Tekken X Street Fighter Possibly for Next-Gen

A few years back when Street Fighter X Tekken was first announced, we heard that Namco would be making their own version of the cross over entitled Tekken X Street Fighter. Since then, very few details and little information has been divulged about the title.

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jc485731948d ago

they did show us a model though.

SymphonicRain1948d ago

That's a very interesting notion...

Gildarts1947d ago

I forgot about this game. xD I'm not even interested in it anymore.

Max-Zorin1947d ago

Namco's version should have came out first. Capcom don't know what balance is.

hkgamer1947d ago

If this game does come out then I hope namco would make SF fighters fight like a tekken game.
Basically have SF characters have LP RP LK, RK.
Would be a really creative style and much more innovative then sfxt.

Dno1947d ago


how is doing JUST WHAT CAPCOM did but vic versa more "innovative" then what capcom did. Capcom mafe all the tekken characters use a SF stylr. SO our asking namco to make SF characters teken stylr and thats better?



big ass disagree.

NateCole1947d ago

What just 2?. Why not SF X Tekken X MK?.

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