10 Greatest Video Games Never Made

For every runaway video game success, there are many unreleased and cancelled games that fall by the wayside; often they will be original projects in their infancy that we’ll never even hear about, and then there’s those promising projects – both new IPs and long-awaited sequels – that are put upon the chopping block for any number of reasons.

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coptop12009d ago

oh Shenmue III....*sniff sniff*

joab7772009d ago

For half life, i really dont understand. I just dont. Yeah, valve isnt huge and may hav alot going on, but no only the orange box this gen? They pride themselves on games that last awhile and they do treat consumers wonderfully, so all i can think is that they know whenever they get to it, it will be big. The problem is that it gets harder and harder as new games releaseto recapture the magic. Maybe they just dont wanna do it unless its perfect.