FFX and FFX-2 will be on 1 Disc on the PS3 – Confirmed via Jump

GC: "Earlier there was a rumour that FFX and FFX-2 will be available for the PS3 and both of them will be on one disc."

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ShugaCane2011d ago

That's good. FF X-2 is not as terrible as people love to claim. I liked it actually, it was a fresh and funny take on FF X, the dresspheres system was a cool feature and Leblanc is still one of my favourite characters of the series.

koehler832011d ago

It's so camp but if you can stomach it, I agree, it's a fun game.

guitarded772011d ago

I thought it was horrible... FF Barbie edition. I'd much rather have FF XII than X-2.

koehler832010d ago


I get it.

I also agree regarding FFXII though there's probably a lot of parallel work with FFX-2 that means porting FFX gets them halfway to porting to FFX-2. Whereas porting FFXII is an entirely new proposition. One I hope they get to once FFXHD is out.

In the meantime, I suggest playing FFXII on PC using PCSX2. The game runs really well at 1080p without any weird glitches. It's friggin' fantastic.

Marcello2010d ago

It was so camp, i am surprised i didnt come across a row of pink tents in the game. WTF were they thinking ?? This was SquareEnix first FF, this is where it all started going wrong.

Transporter472010d ago


well not sure if that's when they started going wrong, but they saw their mistake and didn't repeat it with with XII, and XII was good not XIII btw

Apollosupreme2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

FF X-2 is where me and Final Fantasy went our own ways... And I'm a guy who owns 1 through 10, and some repeats because of different systems I own, plus two different Tactics games.

I will be getting X HD for my Vita and I will gladly pass on CX-2 thank you.

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gaffyh2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

What I find ridiculous about this is that it's taken them so long to remake this, yet they can continue to churn out FF13 games at the drop of a hat, when most gamers want Versus XIII more than anything. WTF is wrong with Square Enix? Do they have to be on the brink of bankruptcy to realize that they are stupid?

I can't believe that this was once the company (or at least part of it) that made FF7, 8, and 9. All they think about is re-using assets from previous games now, rather than focusing on making a good game.

DragonKnight2011d ago

It's about pride. They don't want to admit that the games they are making in the present suck more than the games they made in the Past under Sakaguchi. Wada keeps letting Toriyama change Final Fantasy from a traditional JRPG to a corridor, more action-RPG with continued de-emphasis on Past Final Fantasy trademarks. Toriyama is destroying the brand and, rather than admit that most don't want this "new" Final Fantasy, they simply continue to believe they know better than fans.

They did it with the original FFXIV when they ignore beta testers, and they did with the FFXIII trilogy.

aLucidMind2010d ago

Which is why I often refer to those games as Square games as opposed to Square Enix games; not long after their acquisition of Enix, they began sucking (especially after 10).

Props where they're due, though; they've been doing pretty well as a publisher when you consider Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution, Deus Ex: HR, and Tomb Raider. The games they publish are good or great, while it seems the ones they develop suck now.

Marcello2010d ago

You say everyone wants Versus yet no one really knows anything about it, if you ask me it was total rubbish that even Squarenix realized it & just cant be arsed with it anymore. Lets face it Squarenix can only produce shit & thats a fact !!

despair2011d ago

no, as someone who beat the game, FFX-2 is bad storywise but great battlewise. Terrible storyline, very frustrating to get through at times. Still, it won't stop me from playing it again...*sigh*...guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

Blaze9292011d ago

"FF X-2 is not as terrible as people love to claim."


TheTwelve2010d ago

Sorry, this man couldn't stomach the Barbie-aspect. That's just me though...

Tei7772010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I agree that was novel take on the world, but its was horribly executed...

The gameplay was great though, once you got down to it, it was just held back by everything else.

Outside_ofthe_Box2010d ago

Yeah... I'd rather FFX and FFXII be on one disc. I have no desire to play X-2...

Canary2010d ago

I gave up on it because after trying to get through it several times, as I'd always reach a point where the 100% guide said I should have X% of the game completed, and I'd only have Y% instead.

I could use a good excuse to play through it again.

You know, since I can't play the disc I own in my PS3, and won't be able to play it in a PS4, either. (Of course, the PS3 version will be unplayable next gen, too).

Sarick2010d ago

It was made for because romantic types wrote in to complain about the ending and wanted a sub story to end the sad fate at the end of X.

This is why it was more on the chick level. Just write SE and find out the truth. Then look at the story's main plot. If you manage to get 100% then you can unlock something romantic.

TheLyonKing2010d ago

its a good game I agree, though very bad memories of getting 90% or something and not getting the good ending so having to do new game plus.

abzdine2010d ago

FFX-2 is a terrible game when you compare it to PS2 high quality JRPG but for sure this same game will be on top 3 best JRPG when you compare it to what we got this generation..

I didnt like FFX-2 at the time it came out when you have Dragon Quest VIII on the same console but i'm glad it's announced for PS3 and Vita.

Day one!

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Krimmson2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Wait, the Vita version will be sold separately?

GenericNameHere2011d ago

That's probably only in Japan. Wasn't MGS2 and MGS3 both sold separately on retail in Japan, and so was Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (unless you bought the version that had both games in one box)?

GenericNameHere2011d ago

So X-2 is ALSO getting an HD remake?? YES!
And I read "International" on the bottom. Are both games HD remakes of the international versions, or are they getting an international release??

ZoyosJD2011d ago

Probably, they already have all the audio for every country so it wouldn't be hard to do.

Elda2011d ago

I hope this is true & I hope this comes out in NA before the PS4 is released,wouldn't mind taking a stab at both games one last time in HD especially on one disc.

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