Why Minecraft would be perfect for the Vita

And obviously the PS3 with their cross buy/save pairings that they like doing. But it would sell Vitas.

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dedicatedtogamers2009d ago

Minecraft is a bigger phenomenon than many people will admit. While it would be more likely to see a 3DS version, I'd enjoy playing this on my Vita.

Paul_Murphy2009d ago

I agree with you and wrote that it is a phenomenon, but I don't personally agree that a 3DS version is more likely.

Comments attributed to Jens suggest that a Wii U version is "unlikely" and I don't think that the 3DS would have the power required to run it; I think even the Vita is a big ask. The thing is is a drain on CPUs.

murkster-dubez2009d ago

How is vita a big ask? its already on android.

Paul_Murphy2009d ago

@murkster-dubez the Android version is the Pocket edition, has a limited world and is very far behind the 360 version, let alone the PC version.

Whilst even the Pocket Version would probably be welcomed, I'd rather a big, fuller version. wouldn't you?

subtenko2008d ago

It would be perfect on the PS3 with the playstation move but you dont see a ps3 version now do you? Because Notch or whoever didnt think about it/doesnt want to bother for some strange reason..

I mean even if I was a xbox360 fanboy I'd say "Dang..why isnt it on ps3 with that move controller" because it doesnt make sense for it not to be.

Paul_Murphy2008d ago

@subtenko it's not on the PS3 because Microsoft got there first or wanted it more and inserted an exclusivity period. once that has passed I'm sure we will see it elsewhere, ie PS3 and Vita.

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Protagonist2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Why is it more likely to the 3DS? when it would be perfect for the PS Vita!

dedicatedtogamers2009d ago

I'm not saying it will be on 3DS, but the 3DS has a much larger handheld marketshare in the West. Unless Sony cut a deal with the Minecraft crew, a 3DS version seems more likely if it was coming to handhelds, thats all. Personally, I'd prefer a Vita version.

SandWitch2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I disagree about Minecraft being more likely on a 3DS. Minecraft is more profitable than a GTA game, Notch now has more money than he has ever dreamt about. In my opinion he will try to launch it on as many platforms as possible.

Also Notch said he is considering Minecraft on PlayStation, so Sony will most likely push him to release it on both PS3 (or even PS4) and PS VITA with cross-functions.

TongkatAli2009d ago

All that market share, but the Vita is getting more dev support, truth.

Protagonist2009d ago

I understand what you mean, but the PS Vita handles online much better. I dont own a 3DS, but as far as I have understood, online is not a strong feature on the 3DS, which is essential for Minecraft. Am I completely wrong about this?

Apollosupreme2009d ago

There has been ziltch in terms of 3DS interest based on what I've read. They've spoken on the Vita potential for Minecraft many times; I'm talking about the Notch and co.

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r212008d ago

Its perfect on the vita. Just port minecraft onto the vita and add touch screen features like touching tools and materials on the screen.

illtornworld2008d ago

i would love Minecraft on Vita! imagine the hours we could spend on it on the go! Plus we wouldn't need a computer. xD I hope this happens and be able to play the pokemon mod. <3

profgerbik2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

My only concern is games like this with a lot of customization can require a lot of RAM and can be tough on your CPU at times depending on the user of course. I know it could run on the Vita no doubt but I know it will be limited compared to the PC version for instance.

Not sure how well it would work bit sized, especially for a game like this where you want limitless options to mess around with, why would you want a limited version? Just to have it on the Vita.

Don't get me wrong I support more games coming to the Vita and if they can manage to get it working well, I am all for it but just knowing how resource intensive the game can get is all that worries me. Touch screen and all that I am sure would be great features to use with it but knowing it would probably be a portable or limited version just doesn't seem worth it for this type of game at least for me.

It is the ability to create that makes this game what it is, so I just don't have much interest in cut back versions that will only limit your creativity.

illtornworld2008d ago

illtornworld is my psn id anyone wanna add meh?

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