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Unsurmountable odds are the driving theme in the latest ‘Gears of War’ installment, aptly named ‘Gears of War: Judgement’. The story follows just one squad and their fight against the enemy, themselves and their leadership.

Judgement is a story of adversity, it allows player’s to question the given authority, to reevaluate the cost of leadership and calls into question a person’s moral responsibility to others. Players begin the game just before the first attack, on what is known later as ‘Emergence Day’. It was this day that Sera was attacked by the Locust army and the war on the Locust first began. This is when Baird makes a tough decision, he disobeys his orders and attacks a large Locus unit in the heart of Halvo Bay. This single act has the Kilo Squad on trial throughout the game.

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Belking2014d ago

Awesome! Glad the game turned out good. Will be picking this one up for sure.