Jonathon Blow Thinks Games Critics Aren't "Really Critics"

Jonathon Blow thinks game critics are biased against indie games. Is he right?

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Aggesan1975d ago

To generalize, yes. Until an indie game gets the spotlight. Then all the critics love it.

Merrill1975d ago

"Critics" are just glorified fan boys/girls.

Jaqen_Hghar1975d ago

A man would argue critics are useless without some discretion by the consumer. If a man likes all the games a reviewer likes then perhaps he will listen to the reviewer. If a reviewers main criticism of a game is its lackluster MP and a man only plays SP then a man should take the score with a grain of salt.

indiejones1975d ago

Just gotta say it's kinda awesome how your comments are in Jaqen vernacular.

Jaqen_Hghar1975d ago

a man thanks a user for their compliment

JW10801975d ago

What a hell of a last name to have.