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XboxAddict: " Judgment did its job of making me warm up to Baird a lot more than previously (I was always a Marcus Fenix guy) and it was entertaining learning about his back story, I simply wasn’t overwhelmed with the campaign in the slightest and there really wasn’t that much memorable about it. Truth be told, I enjoyed the Aftermath chapter more than the whole of Judgment campaign. I don’t know if it’s because it had more traditional Gears 3 gameplay, or because it had the Baird and Cole that I’ve known for three games now, but I feel like I should have enjoyed Judgment’s six to ten hour campaign much more than the single hour of a Gears of War 3 add-on. The multiplayer will keep you hooked, make no mistake about that (albeit 8 maps is nowhere near enough on disc), just don’t expect the over the top exhilarating sequences from Gears of War 2 and 3 to return. I’ll leave the judgment to you."

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