PS4 Lighting Technology Showcased in Stunning New Demo

GR - "Enlighten, a next-generation lighting engine for the PlayStation 4, has been showcased in a stunning technology demo."

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ShugaCane1618d ago

It's impressive how the lighting brings life to those ruins, which is ironic when I think about it. Anyway, beautiful video (probably thanks to the music too).

GrizzliS19871618d ago

Ive seen much of this in the current gen, but what did catch my eye was the flickering of the light once the torch was lit up.

ICECREAM1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

It's about light and shadows, the way they move, shine, and light merge into darkness on the objects, really close to reality and real time difference of day and night. Interesting.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31618d ago

It looks like they're using Unreal but added their own lighting system.

dontbhatin1618d ago

@ wraith

it says it uses the unreal engine in the video... derp

papashango1618d ago

Not to burst anyone's bubble but Enlighten is already in use today by current consoles.

In fact the lighting system for BF3 uses the Enlighten Engine...

RememberThe3571618d ago


That doesn't burst anyone's bubble because this isn't running on PS3. This level of nuance and detail isn't on PS3.

I can't wait to see what the PS4 brings us. The worlds we'll run around in, the things we'll see. It's gonna be fun.

BattleAxe1618d ago

Here's some advanced lighting from the WiiU..

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camel_toad1618d ago

It's pretty but needs more guns.

JoGam1618d ago

I believe he was joking...

CommonSense1618d ago

It needs dudes walking away from an explosion without reacting to it or looking back.

Omni-Tool1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

This is about the same as GoW level of graphic detail. The lighting effects in this are way better. I think there might be more detailed textures but they look the same as current gen from a distance. We would really be able to tell a major difference in texture once we can zoom in and look at a few inches on the screen. In MGS4, it looks great but as soon as you zoom in, the pixels really show.

ILive1618d ago

That looks better than what is seen in god of war, dude. I know god of war is an amazing looking game, but you need to get your eyes checked.

Omni-Tool1618d ago

Maybe, it's been over 3 or so years since I've touched GoW3. The graphics are a little fuzzy from memory and youtube vids don't really do it justice.

greyhaven331618d ago

It's a demo for lighting, not textures...imo it looks amazing, especially when the canopy changes color and it affects the shadow it casts, very impressive


Hey people, this company only makes a lighting engine, not graphic engine. Here they are showcasing their new LIGHTING engine using Unreal Engine 3. It is like trying a wonderful new outfit or sunglasses on an ugly old woman. The outfit and glasses are always good but the old witch makes the whole look ugly. Use the same lighting engine on a next-gen engine like Unreal Engine 4 or better and you will see the difference. Btw Battlefield 3, GOW3, GOWA and The Last Of US use geomerics, so you are arguinf for nothing.

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MYSTERIO3601618d ago

As i watch this i'm just imagining God of war 4 or any new project from Sony Santa Monica.

3-4-51618d ago

The flow of time in that lighting was realistic if that makes sense.

The smoothness at which it changes is quite lifelike in that the transitions seem alive just in real life.

TAURUS-5551618d ago

only on the PS4...its unbelievable.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Looks like part of a gears of war map pack.

Not better than other demos I have seen before.

juggulator1618d ago

Cryengine3 has dynamic lighting but Crysis 3 uses Autodesk Beast. It's about using those middleware programs to make games have more realistic lighting, AI, etc.

bigfish1617d ago

imagine a FPS Metroid Prime game with those graphics!!,, Sony should have Retro Studies not Nintendo,,

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first1NFANTRY1618d ago

I'm Enlightened by the ps4's capabilities :)

CEOSteveBallmer1618d ago

3 disagrees = 3 people is not enlightened by the PS4

ANIALATOR1361618d ago

Anyone remember this video?

Fil1011618d ago

Yeah the music does add to the vid I think but still impressive none the less, also that could pass for one of the biggest cod maps for ps4 (jus kidding).

JoGam1618d ago

The Music is Trainingsprogramm Hohe Stimmlage 24

By Andre Balhorn

InMyOpinion1618d ago

Not trolling or anything but I don't see what's impressive about this video. It looks current gen to me.

Says it uses Unreal Engine. This video from 2011 looks more impressive to me:

Walker1618d ago

It's more about lighting, Don't pay attention to other things .

kingmushroom1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

thats what i been saying, why do people think this is a graphics demo
when it clearly says LIGHTING tech Demo. -_____-

Omni-Tool1618d ago

Well now that it's a lighting thing, this is awesome. superb lighting effects.

ChickeyCantor1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

"why do people think this is a graphics demo
when it clearly says LIGHTING tech Demo."

Which is a huge part of "graphics".
I'm sorry but what you just said made no sense at all.

This IS a graphics demo. It demonstrates the real time calculation of lightning/shaders.
There is no such thing as a "Lightning demo" that is different from a "graphics demo".
It's a demo showing the graphical output of the lightning SYSTEM.

bratman1618d ago

@ sidar

dont know what a "lightning demo" is but...
Graphics Tech Demo
An Example of Lighting tech demo

There is a difference :)