PS Vita is the best second screen for the PlayStation 4, says Sony

According to Sony´s European SVP of World Wide Studios, Michael Denny, is the PlayStation Vita the best second screen for the PS4.

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goldwyncq1945d ago

Little big planet 2 had a dlc where you can use the vita as a second screen.

Spinal1945d ago

I plan to get one when the PS4 is here. As long as it works as a substitute screen. When the misses wants to use the TV if i can then switch my game onto the Vita that will be a total Win for me.

If this works with every game. I'll buy the VITA in a heart beat. I'll wait for further confirmation of this.

BioDead1945d ago

"Little big planet 2 had a dlc where you can use the vita as a second screen."

Exactly! You HAVE TO PAY for a DLC which make you use some feature! How ridicilous is that!!!

PS3 should use Vita with NO DLC. It should be flawless use between these two consoles but sadly it is not.

Tiqila1945d ago

you brain dead? you didnt just pay for a feature, it was additional content with new levels that used those vita features...

some people...

a_bro1945d ago

see, this is what concerns me, Sony makes these comments, and they dont deliver on those promises. heres hoping that they do this time.

Th4Freak1945d ago

I still remember when they said that NGP wouldn't need memory card for anything else than media because the game cartridge would store saves, updates and dlc's and look how it ended...

air11945d ago

Tell me about it... I got the damn thing thinking i can do every thing they say it will do on the ps4 on the ps3. I really want to continue my game from my big screen to my vita, am i asking for too much?

I think only the ps4 can save the psvita, imo sales will sky rocket for the vita the day you can play your console game on the go.. Sony has a killer shot with the ps4vita combo, sony owns gaikai now.... So no excuses!

dedicatedtogamers1945d ago

What irritates me is that - from the start - Sony has been so wishy-washy about Remote Play. First, when the PS3 launched, they said "we are working to make a lot of PS3 games Remote Play compatible". Didn't happen. Then the Vita comes out and they say "well, because Vita is way more powerful than PSP, we can do a lot more with Remote Play". Hasn't happened, even though hacked firmware on PS3 can Remote Play virtually any PS3 game currently out. Oh, but NOW with PS4/Vita combo, Remote Play will finally be supported across a wide range of titles, right? I'll believe it when I see it.

cee7731945d ago

Vita's remote play will be natively compatible with PS4 on day one says Shuhei Yoshida

PSVita1945d ago

The ps3 came about 6 years before the vita but the ps 4 will have much better hardware, making it easy for Sony to pull this off.

Donnieboi1945d ago

My beef is that Shuhei Yoshida said it will be OPTIONAL for game publishers to include the ability for remote play. This pisses me off because the PS4 will be built to do remote play from the start, so WHY give publishers the option to NOT have remote play? Greedy publishers like Activision will likely refuse the right to play it on remote play so they can try to sell you an additional crappy port of COD on Vita again. OR, the publisher might try to charge you for the right to unlock remote play mode since Sony is giving them too much freedom with this option. Remote play should not be an option for publishers, it should be an obvious given that ALL ps4 games should work on Vita. I bet you that less than 25% of PS4 games will NOT work with remote play (except for 1st party games) if Sony continues to let game publishers choose not to have it....

PSVita1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I've never heard of one company that has a bad relationship with Sony this might be why. Btw not every game works with the WiiU pad and that's one of its main features.

MasterCornholio1945d ago


Well that isnt such a big deal. What is a big deal is that not every game works with the Wii Us pro controller which is something that i dont understand.

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sherimae24131946d ago

im counting on it sony, impress me at e3 ^_^

VitaOwner1946d ago

One reason I bought the PS Vita was because I knew it would have enhanced connectivity with the PS4. Can't wait to see what else Sony has up their sleeves.

LackTrue4K1946d ago

I just bot one last Saturday I open it and installed some games and demos in it and was gana be a gift for my Daughter.
And yesterday I bot Mortal Kombat, and I came to the Conclusion....ima gana keep it for my self. :D
Now, I got to buy another one....
.... just white this time.

InMyOpinion1945d ago

Sorry, but what the hell kind of english/accent is that? You 'bot' and you 'gana'?

C-Thunder1945d ago

Try out Mutant Blob from Outer Space, it's really good and was free on PS+

Hanso1945d ago

Buy Disgaea 3 for Vita!!

blusoops1945d ago

Disgaea will be free to plus members next week

Knight_Crawler1945d ago

@inmyop - Just chill ya horses man, maybe he from Jamiaca land of smiling sun.

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Y_51501945d ago

It's crazy on how Sony has transitioned me from being favorable to Nintendo to me favoring PlayStaion Home AND handheld consoles! I've always favored Nintendo until this generation but don't get me wrong I love my Nintendo products. :)

abzdine1946d ago

i have one so it is ready to be used as second screen on the go!

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