Players at risk from game store hack attack

More than 10 million people thought to have accounts with Electronic Arts's (EA) Origin game store are at risk from a hack attack that swaps games for malicious code, researchers say.

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deanobi1862d ago

News for EA is always bad news...

3-4-51862d ago

Lately that is true.

This is what happens when you try to be too controlling.

They end up causing their own problems. It happens when you think you know more than you really do.

They need ro stop hiring arrogant "know it alls" and just hire somebody within the industry who is a core gamer to run the show.

Then all the choices from top down will be geared towards the gamer and quality vs quantity and pleasing shareholders.

LackTrue4K1862d ago

This reminds me, I got to remove all my info from Origin.
Just to be on the safe side

KontryBoy7061862d ago

EA you better get off your butts and address this ASAP

ScubbaSteve1862d ago

"If I go down I'm taking all of your information with me"
-John Riccitiello's last words at EA

Soldierone1862d ago

"No we will not refund you for the malicious game! But here, take Battlefield 3 for free"

Nocturne1471862d ago

As always, EA keeps failing. =D

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