10 of the best supporting characters who deserve their own game – the sidekicks born to be heroes

OPM: We present our top 10 supporting characters that deserve a game of their own and imagine the stories that could have been. From origins to whole new spin off series, here are gaming’s also rans that deserve their own moment in the spotlight.

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dangert122013d ago

Rusty pete (From Ratchet & clank) guy is an absolute legend! Youtube him. I still lol to myself about the secret password to open the cave door in quest for booty LOL!

TekoIie2013d ago

Only agree with the Alien commander in Xcom...

ThatEnglishDude2013d ago

Captain Price...really? Does he have THAT much of a character that warrants his own game?

robinisme2013d ago

Such a terrible list, the list could almost be the top worst supporting characters. Daud of Dishonored and the Alien commander being the only exceptions.

WolfLeBlack2013d ago

Garrus Vakarian - the myth, the legend, the badass. Nuff' said.

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The story is too old to be commented.