IGN Plays The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct LIVE

IGN - That OTHER Walking Dead game is coming out. Is it any good? Find out LIVE.

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buddymagoo1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

So you've played it then???

People thought the Telltale game was going to be bad and look how that turned out.

LOGICWINS1976d ago

^^I can see a couple of diehard TWD fans buying/enjoying it though.

buddymagoo1976d ago

I'm an idiot, haha

I just reserve judgement until I have played it is all. You can never tell games through just a video until you have played them yourself.

Hellsvacancy1976d ago

@Buddymagoo, I understand what your saying, ive been wrong before, Darksiders for example, I dont think im wrong it saying this new Walking Dead game looks like complete braindead rubbish, gameplay, graphics, physics, voice acting the lot

Some people are just really easily pleased, thats not a negative thing, unfortunately, im not one of those people

"I dont need to try gay sex to know if im going to like it or not" I just KNOW I wont

OlgerO1976d ago

With all due respect, I have seen gameplay and the ending, which makes aliens colonial marines look like GOTY

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eliteslaya131976d ago

In all honesty, the levels are surprisingly open and interesting to navigate. However, the visuals are downright last gen and the core gameplay feels outdated and generic.