Let’s Look at the PS2 and PS3 Versions of Kingdom Hearts Side-by-Side

Kotaku - HD versions of classic PlayStation 2 titles are all the rage these days, with everything from Resident Evil 4 to Shadow of the Colossus getting a new coat of paint. The newest in the long line of HD remasters is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix—which includes Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories and a compilation film for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

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eferreira2016d ago

looks like they took off the plastic on a new tv

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ps3_pwns2016d ago

this the difnitive version of the game fact and everything is translated and perfected accurately with all the bonuses and extras of the final editions and then some. if you dont play this version then you aint played S****. playstation the birth place of the series/franchise show your respect if you a gamer.

Dakriz2016d ago

Respect now if only my blu-ray drive hadn't died on me irony :'(

GenericNameHere2016d ago

I still have the money. If only I had a credit/debit card, I would import this right away! T___T

Can't wait for this to come out in the US! I have every game (Final Mix versions), and KH1 is the only game in the franchise I didn't beat in Proud Mode or higher...

Heisenburger2016d ago

Not to tell you your business, but there is a prepaid visa/mastercard that you can get at the money center place. I used it to purchase various things online.

I don't know if the menus can be changed to English. I know the VO is included, but I would want to actually be able to navigate the menus.

aNDROiD17_2016d ago

cant wait for mine, its on its way from japan

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