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GP writer Jason Clement reviews Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the Wii U.

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strangelove1950d ago

I still can't believe some of the characters they got into this game.

WalterWJR1950d ago

This game is pure fun. I should probably get the ps3 version as the vita one does not have many people online.

maniacmayhem1950d ago

This game is has captured the lost console Kart games. This is how Kart games on systems should be done. I wish Sega would support it more with more tracks and characters.

BatRastered1950d ago

I just picked this up a week ago. It's really well done, I love the track design and the controls. Too bad it doesn't have the popularity of a Mario Kart, I mean it came out in November and I didn't even know about it except by word-of-mouth in March.

MadMax1950d ago

Bought the PS3 version awhile back and being such a fan of this franchise, i also went with the Vita version. Very surprised at how good the Vita version looked! Love this game!!!