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G4MERS: "AMC's The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is the title of made-for fast, on the well-known license that is catchy and just to cash in on players. I would not recommend this game, even the biggest fans of TWD."

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knowyourstuff2014d ago

None of us were surprised by this right? Right.

Nimblest-Assassin2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Lol.. the ending

Thats sniper ghost warrior bad

camel_toad2014d ago

Yep I think we alllll saw this coming.

HammadTheBeast2014d ago

Hahahahah that's what you get Activision.

InMyOpinion2014d ago

Should've slapped a COD sticker on it. It would'nt keep it from being a turd but it would secure review scores in the 7's and 8's at least.

deafdani2014d ago

@InMyOpinion: yeah, because the Vita version of COD did so well.

Stop spouting that nonsense that EVERY review site has sold themselves out. If that was true, then THIS game would be getting good scores too, because it's published by Activision, the same guys that piblish Call of Duty.

No matter if you've gotten tired of the COD series by now (or if you've NEVER liked it, like myself), they tend to be well done games, and when they're bad, they get bad scores, hence the awful reviews fo Declassified for Vita.

fermcr2014d ago

I'm surprised. I thought it was going to get a 1/10.

Blastoise2014d ago

That ending is hilariously bad

knowyourstuff2013d ago

I mean, I get it that they're zombies, but the AI can't be THAT braindead...

*Ba Dum Tshhh*

KidBroSweets22013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

I can't believe they would ever think that this was a good product. If they ever even tried at all then this could've been an amazing game and with an army of fans who'd want to play it and pay for it. But after that first trailer, everyone realized they were looking to cash in on a title. What a shame.

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Derekvinyard132014d ago

Dam do u see that gameplay! It looks soooo generic

Pixel_Enemy2014d ago

The AI was brain dead as shit. They stood in a cluster waiting to be shot in the head. All of the heads exploded upon one shot.. Graphics aside (which suck) the game play seems like non stop waves of shooting weak AI enemies.

Just wait for The Last of Us.

blackmamba7072014d ago

my dog's poo looks more interesting, true story

BlackTar1872014d ago

not defending this game but are you saying Zombies should have better AI?

Welshy2014d ago


Yes, yes they should. The sole reason they exist is to feed and in turn spread infection, so when there's 20+ zombies that are starving with only 5 living people in the whole area, you'd think upon seeing you or hearing the roar of a freakin' LMG they'd respond.

They tip a wrench off the shelf in the comics/TV show and zombies notice, you stand 3ft away in this game spamming an assault rifle and nothing.

Even for zombies that is terrible AI by any gamers standard.

BlackTar1872014d ago

lol at how serious you guys took my comment. GG

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iGamerZero242014d ago

My guy was right about this one !
Ashame though cause I'm a HUGE fan of the show.....

JsonHenry2014d ago

I feel asleep watching that video.

zeal0us2014d ago

No one does it like Activision does it, oh wait nvm forgot about EA, Capcom, Gearbox and so many more.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2014d ago

let me guess episode 2 coming..

Knight_Crawler2014d ago

Did is see Troy Baker in the credits?

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ShugaCane2014d ago

Expected. It never looked like anything more than a lazy adaptation of a popular tv show aimed at grabbing money from fans. How surprising Activision is involved in this...

Qrphe2014d ago

I didn't need a review to know this was bad.

SOD_Delta2014d ago

Why was this released? This game will give Aliens a run for it's money for FLOPY '13.

Godmars2902014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

For one thing this doesn't have a better looking and performing trailer with a noted dev team standing by it as example of a finished product.

At least, as far as I know.

FrostyZipper2014d ago

I dunno, the difference between Colonial Marines and this is that, unlike this, Colonial Marines actually seemed fairly good until it hit the stores.

I don't think anyone thought this was going to be anything less than poor.

Irishguy952014d ago

Aliens = 5/10
This = 3/10

Aliens actually has 1 or 2 decent parts in it.

LackTrue4K2014d ago

They should really make a reward for "Flop" of the year!!!
Lol....lets start with a list of games/contenders!!

cee7732014d ago

its doing pretty well on psn lol

Deku-Johnny2013d ago

Of course it is, you see a game based on one of your favourite shows and you're immediately interested. When I first heard about it I thought I'd most likely get it, that was of course before I saw the gameplay videos. It's the reason games based on films tend to do well even though most of them suck, who doesn't want the chance to feel like they're one of their favourite characters?

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chrispseuphoria2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

There's a character that says "we need to work up a plan" two times within 5 seconds on one of the videos presented in the video...

Oh dear...