Gameplay of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct: Is It Really That Good?

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct follows in the footsteps of brothers Daryl and Meryl Dixon as they make their way to Atlanta. The story takes place before the events in the series, showcasing the comradery and struggles between the two brothers.

Of course, Daryl’s iconic bow and arrow will make an appearance as well as other weapons like blunt objects and guns. Just like the TV series, supplies, food, and weaponry are in short supply. So, survival is the name of the game as you take out zombies in many different ways like by stealth or brutal force. The choice is yours.

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Godmars2901981d ago

This so called review looks more like an ad for a Youtube channel.

At least it follows the exploitative nature of this game.

Derekvinyard131981d ago

This game looks very rushed and generic

Kran1980d ago

My dear friend,

thats because it was.

CZUM1981d ago

R U kidding? "Is It Really That Good?" LoL

MariaHelFutura1980d ago

I've heard it's really bad actually.

r211980d ago

Well, its pretty Activision-ish game. Nothing amazing, just a game for the fans and quick cash in. Ive been watching theradbrad's playthrough of TWD: SI and it seems pretty ok.

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The story is too old to be commented.