Atomic: What the Battlefield 4 promo art tells us about the game

Atomic: We take a closer look at what the leaked Battlefield 4 promo art might be saying about the game.

"Battlefield 2 veterans will remember that China was a playable faction, so this makes the possibility of a Shanghai setting all the more curious. It also makes sense for DICE to continue the Battlefield 3 trend of exploring contemporary topical issues; in this instance, the continued growth of China as a superpower. It’d also be a wise move to keep things fresh by moving away from locales already explored in Battlefield 3."

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JonahNL1893d ago

I'm honesty disappointed the game is still set in today's era. I would've preferred a 2142-esque setting.

Parasyte1893d ago

I'm still holding out hope for a 2143-style B2K expansion for BF4.

Fishy Fingers1893d ago

Same, especially after all the 2143 Easter eggs. Oh well, I'm a BF fan so as long as they offer a decent improvement over BF3 I'm sure I'll still enjoy it.

2143 better come after though, Titan is still may favourite BF game mode and to have one in all of Frostbite 2's glory would be great.

FuzzyPooka1892d ago

2143 would be nice. Though I wouldn't mind storming the beaches of Normandy in Battlefield 1944. Talk about an opening mission...

Detoxx1892d ago

We should wait untill we see BF4 before being disappointed, oke vriend :)?

JonahNL1892d ago

Well, I'm not disappointed in the game itself. It can still rock my world. =)

XboxInnovation1892d ago

BF4 is a rush job. EA is just trying to beat cod to the gates. Don't expect it to be much different than BF3. When Dice moves to a new project like bad company 3 or 2142, then they'll upgrade and tweak engine settings and take their time building a true next gen experience.

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