Defiance – Playstation 3 Beta Voucher Codes Released

Shopmaster of shows that PS3 Beta Vouchers arriving at emails everywhere to start the Playstation 3 Defiance Beta.

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Myst2015d ago

Got mine can't wait to give this game a whirl!

Ron_Danger2014d ago

Either sign up on their website or preorder it

Myst2014d ago

Yeah I just signed up on the website and it got sent to my e-mail

Derekvinyard132014d ago

Guys I signed up today, u think il get one? I doubt it

Myst2014d ago

Probably I signed up yesterday or the day before? And got one not too long after.

nosferatuzodd2014d ago

Wow! I was waiting for this..

r212014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Just got mine :D Cant wait to play but holy crap, the file size is huge! Its gonna take days D:

Qrphe2014d ago

I got mine but my internet is having problems. I'll try it out the code tomorrow.

windmill1452014d ago

Cool I got one as well, wish I had quicker internet tho, 6GB download ftw.

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