Review: Persona 4 Golden (DarkZero)

"When it comes to naming the greatest games, I am not at all afraid to say that the PlayStation 2 release of Persona 4 ended up as not only one of the best RPGs I had ever played, but one of my favourite games of all time. Persona 4 was the ultimate swan song for the PlayStation 2 - which had built itself up to be quite a system for fans of Japanese RPGs. Persona 4 came so late into the system’s life (we’re talking early 2009 if you lived in the UK), and yet it kicked so much butt, showing the current generation of consoles how to develop a fantastic showpiece  for the genre. This generation never quite hit the heights of some of the wonders that appeared on the PS2, but now the Vita has been blessed, because Atlus has decided to grace the beautiful hardware with one of its most critically acclaimed classics, and it also comes with a bunch of additions to make this revised entry the best version of the game. Atlus have so rightly named it Persona 4: Golden."

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