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gamrReview: "God of War: Ascension has the weakest single-player experience in the franchise. There is simply no getting around that. Changes in the combat and an evocative art style are welcome, but many of the single-player elements feel tired at this point in the series. Surprisingly, it’s multiplayer that proves to be the main selling point of God of War: Ascension, providing the polish and creativity that I had hoped to see in the single-player. God of War: Ascension may not be the best game in the franchise, but it’s certainly the most ambitious."

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VonBraunschweigg1950d ago

Weakest story, best combat, best graphics. Haven't touched the MP yet. Ascencion is a highly enjoyable game, if you're a fan you'll have a blast playing it just like the previous ones. I couldn't say which one I love most.

slapsta721950d ago

i was wondering, what are the improvements to the combat this time around? i plan on getting it in a few months when money is a bit tighter and am most looking forward to the gameplay.

TongkatAli1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

The grappling is addicting and very fun. Also Kratos can punch punch kick like Paparappa.

VonBraunschweigg1950d ago

Combat isn't much different as in previous games, but imo it feels better, more fluent. You can disarm enemies, pick up their weapons and use them in combo's or throw them to stun enemies. I also like you can include kicks and punches (brutal uppercuts) in your combo's. Parries are a bit harder, timing has to be perfect but I like that.
Bigger enemies can be brutally finished, but they'll fight back during those moves, so you gotta dodge and you have to do that by judging their behaviour, there's no indicator, although some mini-bosses can still be killed by QTE. No circle above their heads anymore but a little sign telling you can use R1 to grapple them for a finisher. Also, after using R1 to grab (great mechanic, good reach) a normal enemy I find it very easy to aim and throw them towards other enemies, I usually hit the one I intended to hit.

Another thing, you can upgrade your blades with 4 different elements, each elements had a few specific moves and they decide what orbs you get after killing an enemy. So if you're low on health you better use this element and if you want magic you use another one. Quite handy.

mayberry1950d ago

Extremely enjoyable game! Battles are absolutely jaw dropping! Once you get the hang of online mode, this game turns into a must buy!

Hergula1950d ago

The score seems reasonable, You guys wouldn´t believe what the Swedish Newspaper "Aftonbladet" gave this game, 2/5; Saying that the game is demeaning towards women.

GribbleGrunger1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Do NOT take any notice of scores below 9/10. I'm 2/3 of the way through this game and it's easily a 9.5/10 for me. This buries GOW3 in epicness ... yes, I said that. Don't take any notice of people that tell you it lacks the scale of GOW3. I'm actually angry at the reviewers who gave this game less than 9, especially you Sessler. Your deliberate misinterpretation of that Trophy is now absolutely clear to me.

BUY IT PEOPLE. You'll keep stopping to look around because you won't believe what you are playing.

andibandit1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Nonsense, it's a little below GOW3, but still quite good.

BanBrother1949d ago

Havn't been here for a few days. I disagree. Having played GOW Ascension' I'd say it is a solid 8. It is very well done, just I felt like I have been there before. The MP is quite good.
Also played Gears Judgment. I can see why these two prequels scored lower. Judgment is an 8 tops IMO so far (Just started the chicks campaign/testimony). The MP is a major let-down so far. This is coming from a huge fan, but I feel let down.

Hopefully the next GOW can pull it together and blow us away again. Same with GearsJ.

clintagious6501950d ago

I just beat it and even though this one was shorter then 3 it still did a great all around job entertaining me. I loved everything about this game aside from a few times the camera zooming out while fighting or platforming was the only small issue i had with the game. Great story, great platforming, great gameplay & combos, great boss battles and just, "WOW" that last boss battle was Pure Awesomeness. I give it a 9.3 U wont find any better boss battles on another game then this game. Its crazy how sony santa monica creates these unbelievable bosses. This game was just awesome & definitely worth buying if your a god of war fan.