SimCity: How I made $20 million blogger writers: I started playing SimCity with one goal: to make lots and lots of money. Truth is I suck at making money in real life so I wanted to translate that into a virtual setting.
While the game does a great job of teasing you into making a big metropolis with lots of people, it takes a lot of time to manage a city of thousands of people that require utilities, services and infrastructure.
The simplest way to make money is to get something for free --- like coal, oil and ore -- and sell it at a profit.
It's capitalism, SimCity style!

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Smurf12012d ago

It's really difficult to do that. I always give up after reaching 50k sims :(

TooTall192011d ago

One of my cities has only about 60k sims, but it generates about 1 mil simoleons/day. I use a trade port dock to export alloy, processors, and TVs.

jmc88882011d ago

Simple, any sim city player knows how to make money. Get a surplus, and let the computer run overnight.