Have You Grown Tired Of A Genre You Loved At One Time?

We don't always have the same love affair with the same genre. Our tastes can change over time, so have you abandoned a category you once adored?

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Godmars2901975d ago

Sad that JRPGs never truly matured. In fact now the genre's been taken over by Moe.

NewMonday1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

their is still Atlus and the MegaTen games.

"Moe" is keeping me away from the Atelier games. but if it is game with "all age" charm like NiNoKuni then I can try it out

kalkano1975d ago

Getting back to turn-based would be HUGE. That was the majority of what I used to play. Now, I'm left with nothing but sports games, the occasional action-RPG, and my huge backlog of old games.

I just recently played Dragon Quest 1-3, and Phantasy Star 1. Playing Phantasy Star 2, and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, now. Seriously, the massive amount of time to dent my backlog is the "best" thing about this generation. I really don't see things changing next gen, either.


really beginning to outgrow hack n slash. back in the day there was not a single game on ps2 i loved more than the God of war series.
flash forward to today and i couldnt even bring myself to finish beyonetta. Still working on God of war 3(though that one, im still kind of a sucker for). Havent even thought about buying MGS rising, in spite of the fact that Raiden is my gaming HERO! Ive also bought ninja gaiden 2 multiple times, promising myself that ill finish it up before trading it in. Never seems to happen.

Being a former hack n slash junkie, i can see why people have so much fun with it. but theres just something about the high speed adrenaline fueled gameplay that....totally doesnt activate my gaming-boner anymore.