Saints Row 4 Goes Wild, Crysis in Crisis and Win Runner 2

Because we love you so much, Bad Gamers is giving away Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien to the winners of the below competition. But, first, listen to an all-new all-sexy episode of the biggest podcast since God got bored of iTunes.

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Foolsjoker2014d ago

I kind of like the direction Saints Row 4 is going in.

Donnieboi2013d ago

With a name like foolsjoker, i'm not surprised. Saints Row 4 looks like a complete joke. No offense <3

brich2332013d ago

im gonna go ahead and give u guys the review score for saints row 4 - 45 of 100

TrendyGamers2014d ago

The podcast was extra bad this week.