Microsoft takes ownership of domain as rumored reveal date nears

In no surprise, Microsoft has taken ownership of the domain, weeks after filing a complaint (Case Number: 1483759) with the National Arbitration Forum. While no official ruling has been announced online, the name was transferred to Microsoft this week, according to WHOIS records. There is now only one more active case involving an 'Xbox Gold' name, though it may be decided soon. The dispute over (Case Number: 1484502) was submitted a day after the case. The name of next-generation Xbox has been the subject of much speculation, with reports of possible names like the Xbox 720, Xbox Infinity, Xbox 8, Xbox Durango, Xbox Next and others.

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VoiceMale1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Can't be long now before we get some kind of confirmation of the reveal.....I grow tire of all the speculations , and to be honest ; at this point am just bored of the rumors and the guess work involving what is the NEXT XBOX

Gildarts1894d ago ShowReplies(10)
AngelicIceDiamond1894d ago

I hope Xbox Gold isn't the official name.

Tito081894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

It's likely the name for it, I read somewhere about it last month with that same name rumored, and since they might have a bigger approach for multimedia capabilities, and representing the Gold membership, this could be it. Not sure about it, but sounds very likely.

Gildarts1893d ago

Its not the name. It probably is a site for gold subscribers to get exclusive content. Or maybe a a social network for gold subscribers. It could also be to prevent people from making "Free Xbox gold" sites with realistic URLs.

Knight_Crawler1893d ago

I highly doubt it...MS is known for marketing and dont think they will choose a name like Xbox Gold for the next Xbox, just does not have that zing.

I think MS will go free to play online with the 720 and Xbox Gold are the killer features that will make Gold Live members want to continue paying $60 - this is MS answer to PS Plus.

AngelicIceDiamond1893d ago

Highly agree, people truly believe MS will go with the same subscription model going next gen.

Why would MS stick with the same thing when they know the competition greatly beefed up with they have?

MS has to stay relevant.

MS will have free MP with an optional gold subscription that that'll give you tremendous value.

FarCryLover1821894d ago


goldsource was the name of Valves first engine.

Xbox Gold.....

Next Xbox is a SteamBox confirmed!

iNFAMOUZ11894d ago

goldsource was an engine, nothing relating to steam wtf lol!!

FarCryLover1821892d ago

I know lol. Making a joke parodying the fact that many people like jumping to conclusions.

Reborn1894d ago

Probably tied into LIVE. I doubt they'd name the system that.

One way to find out.

GamersRulz1894d ago


Does that mean it's gonna be expensive to play online! Lol

SDF Repellent1894d ago

No, Gold is the most wanted metal on earth so Xbox Gold means that it is a console that will be the best out there. Simple. GamersRulz, why do you even try. LOL, smh

kalkano1894d ago

You have to pay with gold, since the american dollar is created out of thin air. ;)

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