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SimCity Review | Digital Chumps

Digital Chumps: "SimCity is going to go down as a 'what could’ve been.' What could this title have been if the developers (and publisher) weren’t so adamant about the always-online business? How good would it have been if the size limitations weren’t so stringent, instead, allowing players to build sprawling cities that could be seen from space? How good would this game be if the silly AI issues concerning sim behavior and vehicular pathfinding were much improved? How much would the backlash decrease if players had an option to save their cities on their own computers, instead of relying on a server to keep it safe, and said server isn’t accessible, thanks to bumrush of players trying to logon? Perhaps these are all common sense questions (and solutions), but apparently, these aspects were either willfully, or accidentally ignored by Maxis and EA, and the final product, one that has so much potential, is suffering for it." (PC, SimCity) 5.2/10

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