God of War: Ascension | Review (Only Single Player)

"When you have a series like God of War, one that built its name on massive scale, fluid pacing and an extremely refined combat system, it’s tough to figure out where exactly it can go from there, especially since it has already become a fully formed trilogy with all loose ends seemingly tied up. What exactly could another game in the franchise add or expand upon when it comes to the already solid framework?

Well, how about the pale-skinned brutish antihero himself, Kratos? That’s what Santa Monica had in mind when crafting God of War: Ascension, a prequel that aims to explore the character of Kratos and delve into his psychology and motivations during the most important and tragic time of his origin. Did they pull it off and make a game that truly ascends, or are you better off stripping down to your boxers, painting yourself red and white, and running around town screaming to get your GoW fix? We’re about to find out." (Michael Urban,

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MoXxXi1946d ago

I would give this review a 3/5

Derekvinyard131946d ago

This game is nowhere near the 10/10 god of war 3 that game was a powerhouse

ILive1946d ago

Ascension is a better game than god of war 3. The combat is better, the graphics are more polished, and its more difficult. The only thing I would say is that 3 had better moments and the camera isn't as problematic. The god of war series never had that much to boast about in terms of story anyway, except the first one. All in all, its a better game than its predecessors in most areas. I just dont see the problem.

MelonSaurus1946d ago

I give your review of this review a 2.5/10

LOGICWINS1946d ago

I give this comment a 6.55...out of 19!

neoMAXMLC1946d ago

Uhhhg, too many words to read. Just say 6.55/19.

It's all about the number at the end you know.

MoXxXi1946d ago

Your review of his review is crap. Please, do the internet a favor and do some research before you review another review. Your opinion is completely distasteful. Are you like, 12?

Breadcrab1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

You know, there's such a thing as the reply feature.

the worst1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

this game is a 9/10 for me

CaptainPunch1946d ago

I never understood why people cared so much about review scores, it's just someone's opinion. The only one that really matters is your own. IGN gave low scores to a couple of my favorite games this gen.

PockyKing1946d ago

Just remember, anything lower than an 8 sucks. /s

Heavenly King1946d ago

This game is at least an 8.5-9/10. It is the best GOW game yet!

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