Capcom bringing some kind of Strider game to digital platforms?

GE: "Capcom's classic Strider series is making a comeback... maybe."

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Why o why1976d ago

a game we all remember but many weren't good at.

would love for capcom to bring it back.. probably on psn/xbl and not like a full price dudd like bionic commando

caseh1976d ago

I was awesome on Strider, never quite managed it on one credit so maybe almost awesome. :)

from the beach1976d ago

Damn that upside down drill room :(


I just hope is not a hd remake. I want a brand new game.

Godmars2901976d ago

As nice as something like that would be, unless its true 2D or a mix of 2D and 3D like Hard Corps its likely going to suck.

Sevir1976d ago

To do it if its gonna be an xbla/psn type release, but if its a rebirth to the Ip, then I want them to partner with a team that specializes with combat and great story telling and have the game made specifically for Next Gen consoles running on the impressive Pants Rhei Engine!

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The story is too old to be commented.