Buy $30 Worth Of MSP At Coinstar And Get $10 Free

Interested in getting some free Microsoft points? Well Coinstar can hook you up with their new cash out options that include Microsoft points codes and a limited time promotion. Who doesn't like free money?

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gaiages1979d ago

That... that is an unusual promotion. A good one, but weird nevertheless.

strangelove1979d ago

Anything that gives me an excuse to carry around $30 in change is a good thing. I wonder if Coinstar takes bills...

wildcardcorsair1979d ago

I had no idea you could even get MSP at coin star. That's handy info.

Jek_Porkins1979d ago

Wow, I haven't been to Coinstar in ages....good deal though.

optimus1979d ago

Only good at Kroger supermarkets... Must be a regional thing since i've never seen or heard of a kroger supermarket.