John Riccitiello Steps Down As EA CEO - Why, And What Now?

Forbes - EA CEO John Riccitiello will step down as Chief Executive Officer and from the Board of Directors, effective March 30, it has been announced.

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Godmars2902012d ago

more than likely, Sim city is the cherry on to sh*it Sunday they've been making for years. "Everything gets micro-transactions - oops! - No it doesn't!" and the ME3 backlash probably didn't help things.

Captain Tuttle2011d ago

If it was one or two games I think that The Old Republic would have to be listed, huge money pit.

It probably had more to do with the abysmal performance of their stock last 5 years

maniacmayhem2011d ago

That and the Medal of Honor games couldn't have helped him and his situation.

MikeMyers2011d ago

The Old Republic was a huge investment that didn't really pan out.

BDSE2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Who actually gives a toss? One faceless suit will be replaced by another faceless suit and they will continue the process of reducing our consumer rights (by pushing digital distribution) and continue to find new ways to get you to pay for content that that should be part of the game in the first place (through day-one dlc and micro-transactions.)

And someone will always be there to justify it.

grifter0242011d ago

The difference is hopefully this shows that the consumers of video games are not children who buy the newest thing because it's "Gory," Or so much like another franchise.

Hopefully this and EA's stock prices soaring lower than the Mariana trench bottom will show other companies that gamers aren't stupid about their money.

Drakesfortune2011d ago

Question for you people, if Ea appointed you what would you do in your new position?

Soldierone2011d ago

Honestly this doesn't benefit us. All this position is for is for EA to make money. A new person steps in and now implements idea's to making money. Take fee's to play further? Raise prices again? Cut out even more content for DLC? Who knows.

The games are fine, its the business tactics people hate. Always on SimCity? Yikes.... However that proves my point. It was the publishers like EA that wanted consoles to have always on DRM and block used titles.

Agent_00_Revan2011d ago

Or maybe someone could get appointed who can find ways to make money Without trying to bend gamers over.

DeadlyFire2010d ago

Well EA didn't turn south until a year or so after this guy took over as CEO. Most of its games were decent before then. CEO might not get to see all of the games up front, but this guy running the company seems bad for business to me. Glad he is gone and the other guy is back for now.

maelstromb2011d ago

Now's your chance, Cliffy B!! Haha.

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