Saints Row 4 will be the PCP of Sandbox Games

Gi - Last week, the next entry in the Saints Row franchise was announced. Saints Row 4 will release on Aug 20 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The news came seemingly out of no where because only the tiniest bit of information said that Volition working on the next Saints Row when the Dominatrix DLC for Saints the Third was scrapped. That came last June, but no official announcement was made about the fourth game.

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Plagasx2009d ago

I think what they mean is the craziness of SR4 will be PCP..

2pacalypsenow2009d ago

If GTA V is anything like GTA 4 i would say SR4 will be a better sandbox game just like SR3 is better than GTA4

kostchtchie_2009d ago

only now do they put content in the game, rest there games are boring huge empty open worlds with nothing do after the main story is done and dusted, along with there boring multiplayer with no effort at all put into it, although red dead zombie mp was actually good fun

only Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was good solid fun game from R* rest are hollow games with great adult storylines

Saints Row may have over the top storyline and stuff, but the game is solid, fun and full to brim of stuff to do within the open sandbox world

Derekvinyard132009d ago

It does look wild but to much like the other one

ApolloTheBoss2009d ago

Yeah sorry GTA will always be the king of sandboxes.

Wenis2009d ago

Hmm I don't know. Personally I loved the sandbox gameplay in JC2 a lot more than the sandbox gameplay in GTA 4. Though GTA 5 is looking great

thebudgetgamer2009d ago

I hate anything that's on something or is the _____ of ______.

aLucidMind2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Two reasons why I'll pass on it:

1- SR3's biggest draw was purple dildos while SR2's was the silliness perfectly balanced with serious and good writing; SR4 being released barely a year and a half after, plus the fact that they made a SR3 DLC into SR4 instead, shows it will be more of the same (if you're realistically optimistic).

2- Grand Theft Auto 5. Rockstar is going to wind up pounding Volition into the dirt and past a few layers of crust since most will be opting for spending $60 on GTA over Saints Dildo 2 (I mean, "Saints Row 4"). SR2 showed very serious potential in becoming a major competitor to GTA and SR3 would have had Volition not gone full retard with it.

Outside_ofthe_Box2009d ago

Wow, someone who actually sees the truth.

CommonSenseGamer2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

I can't add another comment to another post so will respond here. I did not say anything about having a single console, but rather an agreed set of standards that developers can develop to. Let the different manufacturers come up with different variations in terms of extras as long as they comply with a set baseline set of specs.

You know, exactly how manufacturers do now with TVs, DVD players, etc. Why have an environment that increases the cost of development like we have now or limits sales to one console.

cerpintaxt442009d ago

actually sr3 probably saved the franchise going the absurd over the top angle that gta has moved away from why cant people enjoy both the games they are great

sardaukarghola662008d ago

because this site seems to be full of idiotic fanboys

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The story is too old to be commented.