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Derek "digi" McRoberts says;"With the resolution of the overarching story-line in Gears of War 3 drawing to a conclusion the war between the COG and Locust forces, it was predictable that any future release in the franchise would have to be set either during or prior to the established events. So when it was revealed that Epic Games and People Can Fly were focusing their attentions on Cole, Baird and the rest of Kilo team following the events of E-day it didn’t exactly come as a massive shock reveal.

The plot in the series has come a long way since the first fist pumping, armour-clad, action-fest that was Gears of War, with attempts to bring relatable character developments into more recent releases. By no means are these as evocative as other more focused and plot heavy titles, but for a game with central characters who wouldn’t look out of place wrestling bears in their spare time, (and that’s just the women), developing an empathetic link was always going to be somewhat limited. Lets be honest here though, gamers typically don’t go to Gears of War for the emotive bonding with the protagonists."

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Great game, great score!