Why ‘The Rock’ is the Perfect Actor to Play Kratos in a ‘God of War’ Movie

SonyRumors looks at the possibilities of a 'God of War' movie from Sony Pictures and argues why 'The Rock' would be the perfect choice to play Kratos.

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snipermk01945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

i'd like to see kratos do a peoples elbow

LOL_WUT1945d ago

No, please no... I don't even think i've ever seen The Rock in a rated R movie assuming thats what the GoW movie would be

classic2001945d ago

The rock is samoan mix with african ancestry, he his not GREEK. He should not be able to play kratos if he his not black.

Also even if they use a white kratos they should not allow the white actor to do voice over for kratos because kratos voice actor is black and that mean they should use a black man. Basically just use the same guy they use for the games.

The rock no get a a white man and no white voice acting from him because we need a black voice.


Skips1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

In all honesty.

I'd rather they do a CGI movie.


I mean seriously, CGI movies for games have some serious potential.

Not to mention I definitely enjoyed Resident Evil Damnation WAAAAAY more than that crap Resident Evil Retribution. lol

morganfell1945d ago

I partially agree. I think we may be at the point where a CGI Kratos could pull off a live action movie.

blitz06231945d ago

Anyone who watches Game of Thrones know that Jason Momoa is the perfect actor to play Kratos

ChipChipperson1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )



Snookies121945d ago

@classic200 - Wow, hopefully you reread your own comment there and realized how bad that sounded...

"They should not allow a white actor to do voice over for Kratos".

Why? If the dude sounds like Kratos, what's the problem?

DragonKnight1945d ago

No one looks the part more than Bill Goldberg.

Eyeco1945d ago

I would like it to be a CGI animated movie aswell maybe direct to DVD like Final Fantasy Advent Children if anyone saw it temember the final fight between Cloud and Sephiroth? Now imagine that betwern Ares and Kratos but with tons more blood.

If there was a hollywood movie I wouldnt look forward to it because I know it would be heavily toned down, look at the scope of GOW if transitioned into film it would cost way over 100 million dollars but these days Hollywood rarely funds that much for an R rated movie there not seen as profitable as PG-13 movies with a similar budget.

Seriously look at the highest grossing movies as well as the most exlensive movies of all time almost all of them are rated PG-13 and below, the thought of a PG-13 God of War movie gives me tge shivers.

GamersRulz1945d ago


Greeks are not black at all, they look like a mix between middle-easterns and Europeans.

jivah1945d ago

Maybe somebody along the lines of steve buscemi.. In all honesty i think he looks a lot like kratos

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Knight_Crawler1945d ago

The Rock can play Kratos Half brother Hercules and we can watch him get his face beat to pulp.

I have a question, I was playing God of War 3 over the weekend which is my first God of War game but do not understand why Kratos is killing some gods which are considered good gods and why he does not care about civilians.

Is Kratos a villain?

Root1945d ago

Maybe if you bought the first game and worked your way through them then you'll know the story

Whats the point buying the last game in a trilogy when it's story based.

It's like watching the last Lord of The Rings or Last Harry just wouldn't do it.

I have the HD collection and the third game for a year now and haven't touched the third game because I haven't completed the other two.

HammadTheBeast1945d ago

All of them screwed him over. Athena was the only semi good one.

GraySnake1945d ago

@ above
and even she was a b***h lol

Ashunderfire861945d ago

At the end of the 3rd game the story will tell u that pandora's box made the Gods evil. That's why Krato's had to kill them and they screwed him over.

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MariaHelFutura1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The guy who played Spawn should be Kratos. Micheal Jai White is his name I believe.

BitbyDeath1945d ago

Why is it ok for a black guy to dress up as a white guy but the minute a white guy dresses up as a black guy all hell breaks loose? :-p

MariaHelFutura1945d ago

Like Brad Pitt as the Mexican or Tom Cruise as The Last Samurai.....

jivah1945d ago


Kratos is grey.

HarryMasonHerpderp1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The Rock would be a dumb idea.
It would just be the Rock in God Of War instead of the Kratos character getting any recognition.
GOD OF WAR STARRING.....THE ROCK! ummm no thanks.
I would prefer Jason Momoa from Game Of Thrones

madpuppy1945d ago


Dirtnapstor1945d ago

Agreed. Forget the Rock, but not Jason either.
Tyson Beckford would be the ideal candidate. Check him out, he's got the look!

Daver1945d ago

"The Rock" is an horrible actor!

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black9111945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I'm more worried about who will direct the Film.

Director: Tim Burton

KangarooSam1945d ago

Shyamalan is the best choice, obviously. Or maybe Michael Bay?

Also, the Rock should not play Kratos. I can't think of anyone who could, right now. Maybe there's a lesser known actor who would better suit the role. Whoever makes this needs to put some effort into it.

TopDudeMan1945d ago

(Watch the video)

chrispseuphoria1945d ago

Shyamalan ruined The Last Airbender! NO way he should be allowed to direct this film.

Reverent1945d ago

Honestly, if they ever did a GoW movie, they should use the actor that played Kratos in the Ascension trailer, and completely voice over the movie with TC Carson (Real voice actor for Kratos). Seriously, without Krato's real voice, he just won't be Kratos, no matter how much the actor looks like him.

Blastoise1945d ago

Johnny Depp as Kratos :(

HarryMasonHerpderp1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

haha so true Johnny depp is nearly in every Tim Burton film!

DeadIIIRed1945d ago

Tim Burton? Over Chris Nolan?

smashcrashbash1945d ago

No no.A thousand times no. Kratos must be played by someone who can not only look the part but can act properly

Heisenburger1945d ago

While I'm not a "disagree" I do feel that he could definitely pull it off.

He has a good personality I think. Also he was really good in Faster. He had a good range in it, imo.

Though like an above post stated, I would almost be more concerned with the hypothetical director attached.

I do really like The Rock as a choice. Perhaps that Jason Momoa(spelling) from Game of Thrones. Though I don't know much of his career, he also has a really good personality.

adorie1945d ago

This guy should be given the chance. My opinion.
ANIALATOR136, you refreshed my memory of his name, but I knew him from the Gladiator Movie. He can act and does look believable during battle.

Bubble for ya, ANIALATOR136.

maniacmayhem1945d ago

Act properly? God of War isn't Hamlet, what acting do you need running around half naked ripping CGI monster heads off?

I think Rock has proven he can do that much with his eyes closed.

Baka-akaB1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

You'd believe so , yet most game movies got horrible and worse acting than the original games .

So no you need some proper and solid acting , even to convey a seemingly brutish plot .

Something like 300 with subpar actors would be similar in quality to crap like the Man with the iron Fist or W anderson movies .

PS : Indeed , the rock didnt make Doom interesting , as dumb as the original plot was supposed to be . Great example

Root1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

In Doom all you needed was someone that went round and shot monsters....that didn't really work for the Rock did it.

Didn't help the film either

maniacmayhem1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

It depends on the script and budget. You don't play God of War for the deep story line or rich character development, you play it for the action and to see how brutal Kratos can be. The movie shouldn't be any different.

Who's going to sink a large amount of money into a great actor when the movie's biggest draw are the special effects and action.

And the Rock has proven he's a solid actor that could do a movie like this easy.

Are you saying the Rock didn't do well in the movie? That he personally brought that wreck of a movie down? Perhaps Daniel Day Lewis in the same role and same script would have made that movie 10X better?

Baka-akaB1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

In any case he wasnt any good and certainly didnt help preventing the wreckage . There are guys that can entertain and please you , even in seemingly bad movies , like say Bruce willis , the Rock is not one of them imo .

"You don't play God of War for the deep story line or rich character development, you play it for the action and to see how brutal Kratos can be."

We usually play GoW for a rather enjoyable story and spectacle actually even if huge part of it is tied to the action and visuals .
It doesnt have to be hamlet for a story to be enjoyable and good . Everyone is lately head over heels for stuff like Spartacus the tv shows . it is brutal , mostly action , yet have good and sensible portrayals of characters , like 300 did as well .

A god of war movie definitively needs that to be good . Or it's just some syfy level crap tv movie .

smashcrashbash1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

And that is why gaming movies fail.You just feel that it's just some mindless part and the Rock just has to go around mindlessly ripping off monster's heads and vomiting up lines.That is why gaming movies end up being the $hit that they are.Kratos is a leader, a father, an angry man who lost his family and people and has been tortured and tormented by the Gods and craves redemption and revenge and all you see him as is a half naked man who rips heads off of monsters which will just make another bomb game movie.We need a well crafted movie for once, not another dull CGI action fest like Clash of the Titans where they thought all they had to do is say a bunch of crap lines with a boring story and show CGI monsters.If that is how they are going to make God of War then don't even bother.Because it is just going to be $hit just like everything else.All the Rock had to do in Doom was play a character that shot at monsters and he couldn't even do that right.

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GalacticEmpire1945d ago

I think,

would be a better Kratos than The rock.

UnHoly_One1945d ago


That guy is a total badass.

Anyone who watched the first season of Game of Thrones would understand why we say that.

JamieL1945d ago

Man when he gives the speech after the guy tried to poison Dany, saying he's going to go take the Iron Throne back for their son was bad ass. the way he was pounding his chest with spit flying out, just damn. You could climb the emotion in that scene, very well done.
Judgeing from that one scene I would agree with you.

TopDudeMan1945d ago

Yes, I would definitely see that.

ceballos77mx1945d ago

Didn't he already stated that he would like to play Kratos before?