Rumor: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Coming To PS Vita

The latest Metal Gear title, Rising Revengeance made a debut on PS3 and Xbox 360 last month but did not however make an appearance on Sony’s “next gen portable” PS Vita.

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Snookies121440d ago

"The page you have requested cannot be found."

Dylila1440d ago

if true i'd buy this game

Nate-Dog1440d ago

You'd buy the game if the page cannot be found?

RTheRebel1440d ago

Hey Mika, as I recall Bayonetta 2 Wii U Exclusive
your comment:
I now see it a wii-u exclusive. Im never buying a game made by Platinum Games ever again. Plus this is a real low for nintendo. Are they that desperate for titles. First Ninja gaiden and now this.

Snookies121440d ago

Okay, it's fixed now. Yeah though, I would buy the hell out of this game on the Vita. o_o

HammadTheBeast1440d ago

Especially if they let you touch-slice.

xHeavYx1440d ago

I just bought the CE, hopefully Sony will push for it to be free for Vita owners if they have the PS3 version of the game

adorie1440d ago

Touch-Slice has a nice ring to it.

kB01440d ago


r u high? lol it won't be u even know konami?

Look at MGS collection for Vita, 1 less game and more expensive at launch than the ps3/360 version lol.

We aint getting squat....

Still I'd rather play this on the go:) so its a trade in of my ps3 version for this:) lol

Mounce1440d ago

I'd be like Fruit Ninja. I'd TOTALLY want to slice my enemies with Raiden on the Vita with the touchscreen XD

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Protagonist1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Could be valid considering the trophy list, but it would still be a shocker!

Go Vita Go!!!

Th4Freak1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

It's probably just a bug, it happend before with E.X Troppers ( ).

Also Yuji Korekado (Creative Producer of MGS:R) said that the PSV isn't powerful enough for MGS:R ( ).

Hopefully i'm wrong and Korekado was lying.

GraveLord1440d ago

Downports are always possible. They have all the Metal Gear games on Vita and Rising isn't exactly pushing console tech.....

cmpunk531440d ago

Now that it's selling well in japan maybe it's now powerful enough for MGS:R ;)

admiralvic1440d ago

As Th4Freak said, this also happened with E.X. Troopers. With that being said, I just can't see it working on the Vita. Plenty of people had problems performing a parry with a controller, I hate to see how bad the Vita would be.

Also if Ninja Gaiden 2 is any indication, I rather not see them port it and have an unstable resolution.

Sanquine901440d ago

True? Hopefully.. If this is fotoshop i will destroy someone:D

Fyflin1440d ago

I've wanted this ever since it was demoed on what was then known as the NGP.

Snookies121440d ago

Just remember... Final Fantasy 7 was demoed on the PS3, and we all know how that turned out... It didn't. Lol, so essentially, don't hold your breath on it.

Nate-Dog1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

That was a tech demo, not an actual demo of a game that was planned.

@Snookies: Ah my mistake, at that stage I just thought tons of PS3 titles were going to be ported across.

Snookies121440d ago

@Nate-Dog - MGS4 was a tech demo as well for the Vita. It was just there to show that it "could" run, not that it was planned.

jujubee881440d ago

I need my ac!d. INJECT IT IN MY VEINS!!!

jwk941440d ago

This has happened with other games. It's nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.