Canada's video-game industry ranks No. 3 worldwide

In a report from last year, Essential Facts 2012, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada provided a snapshot of the computer and video-game market, with profiles of gamers in various age groups, a list of the top-selling titles of the year (for the 12 months ending August, 2012), and breakdowns of the industry's size and structure. Below are some of the key findings from the report, which collected data from 2,969 adults, 527 teens and 687 kids from April 13 to April 30, 2012. The margin of error is plus or minus 1.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20

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KrisButtar1557d ago

I didn't know Canada ranked so high

Kran1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

No tax.

Of course it's high. At least I heard there was no tax there.

Though that's not one of the points in this though.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1557d ago

We have taxes.

Well, we had PST and GST but now we just have HST which is 13% of the cost.

blitz06231557d ago

No tax? Are you kidding? We have one of the highest tax rates here at 13%

HyperBear1557d ago

Yeah I don't know how or where you heard Canada has no taxes?? I mean Alberta is the only province that has a single digit tax rate (at 5% GST) because they don't have a provincial tax.

Here in British Columbia, we have 12% BST, although starting in April/May we are going back to PST/GST and it's still at 12%...Nova Scotia's is at 15% :O

Pandamobile1557d ago

The provincial and federal governments offer tax breaks and grants for companies creating digital media.

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Conzul1557d ago

Of course it's ranked that high. There's nothing else to do up there.

Except maybe go to film festivals and cow tipping.

Cupid_Viper_31557d ago

That was a very ignorant comment sir...

I'm originally from the States, South Florida to precise. And when I'm Vancouver,or Toronto, I'm hard pressed to find differences between the 2 contries. Though Canadians are a bit more friendly from my personal experience.

brish1557d ago

Conzul there are tons of things to do here in Canada.

I think the reason games sell so well in Canada is we have a long winter season so for a large part of the year we focus on indoor activities.

Conzul1557d ago

They put GRAVY on my fries. That was unforgivable.

Chevalier1557d ago

We are the neighbours to huge gamers in the U.S. and just look how many recent franchises are made in Canada:

Recent Halo 4
Assassins Creed (all of them)
Splinter Cell 5 (conviction) and 6 (black list)
Rainbow Six
Prince of Persia
Recent Halo game
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
LBP cart racing
Deus Ex Machina
Company of Heroes
Dead Rising
Far Cry 3
Max Payne 3
Need for Speed

New AAA game from Black Tusk studios for Microsoft being developed. Lot's of good development studios in Canada.

Pandamobile1557d ago

Where are you getting the Halo bits from? Both of those were produced in Washington.

Conzul1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I'm more worried about what he means by "huge gamers" in the US :P

GribbleGrunger1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Although this is a little old, it does show some surprising statistics. Nearly as many females play games in Canada and 50% of Canadians are gamers!

mochachino1557d ago

I'm Canadian and I wish they showed what percentage play PS3 vs 360. I don't know anyone who has a 360 anymore (everyone started with 360 then switched after it broke or just for the free online). Ever person I've talked to and all my friends think paying for online is plain stupid.

I only recently agreed with them (Dec 2012).

HammadTheBeast1557d ago

Exact thing happened with me, everyone started 360, as soon as it broke they switched to PS3 in time for the $300 price.

001557d ago

this is pretty interesting.

deep_fried_bum_cake1557d ago

You realise that the majority of that number will be facebook and flash gamers, don't you?

001557d ago

my comment was in jest.

maniacmayhem1557d ago

Anyone see their top ten titles? No surprise that a CoD title is up there but MW3? No Black Ops love?

So if Canada is 3rd who is 1st and 2nd?

KrisButtar1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

"In fact, only Japan and the United States can boast larger video game industries."


Edit: also the top ten is from last year, along with all the stats. Skyrim is #2,

@above about the taxes, we as gamers have taxes of course but game companies do get tax breaks.

"Canada is among the world's top video game developers, with creative talent and government tax breaks attracting both global and independent studios whose products appeal not only to hard core players but the growing ranks of casual gamers."



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