Bungie and Sony are friends, and PlayStation gamers will soon reap the benefits

PSU writes:

"I'm not here to wax poetic or sing Xbox praises . . . But recent weeks have brought Bungie, a studio formerly owned by Microsoft, into the PlayStation gamer's consciousness. Destiny, the first game in a planned 10-year narrative arc, will be the first Bungie game on a PlayStation console. The open-world sci-fi shooter, which looks to embrace social gaming in ambitious ways, will offer exclusive content for PlayStation 4 gamers. Bungie even closed Sony's PS4 reveal, a trump card by the latter that surely had Microsoft execs fuming. Yes, seeing Bungie on a Sony stage was surreal, but also incredibly exciting. Whatever your feelings on the studio's former loyalties, Bungie has a lot to offer PlayStation gamers, including..."

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GalacticEmpire1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Can't wait to see what this studio can do with Playstation hardware.

Looking at what they have to offer it's hard to see why Microsoft let them go multiplat in the first place, it must be a real stinger to the fanatical Xbox fans out there.

With PS4 being so development friendly we could also see games like Gears of War appear in 1080p HD collections on PS4, after all Epic owns the IP and not MS

Hopefully MS will pioneer some new IPs for next gen or there won't be much left to differentiate the Xbox 3 to the core gamer crowd.

@logic Yes, I didn't say that it wasn't. Edited & made it a bit clearer for people now.

@logic again, Actually it was said that MS had a 1 year exclusivity deal with Destiny before the PS4 announcement rocked the world...

LOGICWINS1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

"Looking at what they have to offer it's hard to see why Microsoft let go multiplat in the first place, it must be a real stinger to the fanatical Xbox fans out there."

Isn't Destiny coming out on the 720 too?

Also, what exactly did Microsoft "let go". Letting something go implies that you had something in the first place. Microsoft never had any deal to make Destiny a 720 exclusive. The only deal that took place was with Sony and Activision for exclusive content.

EDIT: Yeah, I think Microsoft will put their most of their eggs in the Illumiroom basket. I'll reserve judgement until I see it.

Snookies121950d ago

Yeah, Destiny is coming out on the next Xbox as well. (Rather, it should be, but the next Xbox still has yet to be officially confirmed.)

Regardless, I hope this game is on par with Halo in terms of quality. Even though I know a lot of the Halo team left for the 343 studios.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago

PS4 is getting additional content. As well as PS3 I think.

shoddy1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Yall can't disagree with ^^^.
They did have announced exclusive content on ps4.

Maybe master chief skin.

IK IR Y IP T1950d ago

destiny is a times exclusive on xbox for a year

LOGICWINS1950d ago

^^WOW, thanks for the inside information. Didn't see that one coming at all!

princeofthabay1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

That isn't happening anymore

Septic1950d ago

Do you guys really think that MS won't get exclusive content too? Delusional or just wishful thinking?

loulou1949d ago

lol all of sudden devs that make games for sony are all friends and do it just for love.

dont tell me, in n4gs warped reality when they do it for microsoft it just for money. and because they are scared that m$ execs will eat their children.

this is multi-plat by the way

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Jek_Porkins1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Microsoft didn't let Bungie go, Bungie wanted to move on and Microsoft wanted them to continue with Halo games since that is the Xbox' flagship series.

Even though Microsoft doesn't own the Gears Of War IP, they did publish all of them, fund development and pay for the advertising. Some people believe so many people left Epic because Microsoft got another deal for more Gears games next gen and people like Cliffy B didn't want to be locked in to making strictly Gears games for the next decade, and I can see that.

I wouldn't hold my breath with Gears going anywhere, Microsoft has deep pockets and Gears was their big franchise this generation.

Destiny looks good, but I also wouldn't count out MS getting some of their own exclusive content for the game when the 720 is announced later this year.

@Knight Crawler
It was amicable, its not like Destiny was ever going to be a Microsoft exclusive. I'm interested in what the end result it, upset a bit because if you go somewhere that doesn't have internet you cant play it though, which means the game will realistically only be good for a few years.

Knight_Crawler1950d ago

You do realize that MS owned Bungie and Bungie bought them self back...MS could have told the Bungie guys that they do not want to sell Bungie but MS did them a favor a said ok no problem.

So yeah MS let Bungie go.

Kyur4ThePain1950d ago

Knight, anyone who says "could have" instead of "could of" deserves a bubble.

dcbronco1950d ago


It's been rumored that part of the deal for allowing Bungie to buy their freedom was the rights to everything Halo and the right of first refusal on all future Bungie projects. If true it would mean MS exclusivity is possible on all Bungie games for a fee. I believe the RoFR is true since it's hard to believe Microsoft would have let them go for just a couple of hundred million when they made a couple of billion for Microsoft. That and the fact that MS already had around 50 billion sitting around in a sock.

pixelsword1949d ago

They probably had a buyout option in their contract.

otherZinc1949d ago

Destiny may come to the PS4.
BUT, I dont care what Bungie said on stage with SONY; Destiny wont make the PS3, period!

If it does; if you thought Skyrim ran like Sh*t, wait til an open world co-op Destiny runs on the PS3.

pixelsword1949d ago

Free realms and DC Univefse are both open world co-op games, so what's the problem?

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AngelicIceDiamond1950d ago

This guy thinks Bungie and Sony are friends? Lol lets use our big boy words and say buissness partners.

braydox211950d ago

but when you they titled it as friends they are essentially saying that sony bungie have a better relationship compared to microsoft, so they are kind of trying draw out our inner fanboy to race to their defense, but since they didn't say anything negative at the same time so hating on the article has less impact, double win.

DOMination-1950d ago

He also thinks Destiny is the first bungie game on a playstation console.

Kingdom Come1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

You honestly think that each platform won't have exclusive content in "Destiny"? Halo Armour is obviously going to be announced for the Xbox Version's. Just because exclusive content is announced for one platform, it doesn't exclude the potential for different content to be exclusive to another...

MysticStrummer1950d ago

If next gen follows this gen's pattern, exclusive content will show up on the other platform eventually anyway.

silverbeld1950d ago

Why should PS owners be happy to play Bungie ala Halo games when we already have great 3th party games. Like COD and BF.

PS owners also already have Killzone and Resistance.

But this may be good for xbox gamers to enjoy free online gaming with Bungie on PSN.

A big blow for xbox fanboys and great for real gamers.

ALLWRONG1949d ago

Bungie showing up at Sony's conference was no different than Hideo Kojima showing up at MS E3.

showtimefolks1950d ago

I could be wrong but now a day each 3rd party game will offer exclusive content to a console than later n that will become D!C to be sold to the other side

It's business as usual

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1949d ago

I never thought this day would come so soon! Bungie & ps4 ftw!

Kennytaur1949d ago

Doesn't Microsoft hold publishing rights for Gears? That'd put a stop to any Playstation release of currently released titles.

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blackhawkodst1950d ago

Well after the massive FF / GTA / and now Metal Gear Sold coming to xbox, its no biggee to share the Bungie love, even if it is an MMO

Skips1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

GTA was was never an exclusive though. LOL. But I get what you're saying.

Also happy PS gamers got to experience the Bioshock and Mass Effect franchise!

Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Destiny for MGS and Final Fantasy! Even if FF has been lacking this gen.

As for games like Tekken and DMC. Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive seemed like fair trades. lol

MaxXAttaxX1950d ago

Non of those IPs were ever exclusive, especially GTA.
MGS4 never went to 360 and GTA has never been exclusive.


Yeah, pretty much.

ALLWRONG1949d ago

"MGS4 never went to 360" Yet! but all the others have.

"but but you never got teh MGS4" that sound familiar? That's because it's the only thing you guys have left to hold onto.

MaxXAttaxX1949d ago

Who is you guys?
I was just stating facts and you went on a fanboy attack. I wouldn't mind you being able to play MGS4, even though it might take an entire generation like the other MG games.

It's kind of sad when you think that MGS4 is the only thing on PS3.

pixelsword1949d ago

Yeah, but the ff stunk; GTA was ok I guess, the new 1 looks good (i never finish those games). MG games are mostly good, so that's the only good one.

Cocozero1950d ago

I agree with blackhawkodst , FF/GTA/MGS/Tekken/DMC etc where much bigger blows to the PS camp.

For all we know Destiny could flop and since its an MMO I cant see it being free to play which could be pretty hard for PS players to stomach considering they play online for free.

If Destiny takes off you can bet MS will get the deals for the sequels.

HammadTheBeast1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

lol keep crying, PS3/4 are already getting additional content. Also, FF/GTA/MGS may have been "big blows" but they were second party titles, and every PS gamer can still enjoy game from the other 26 studios making games for PS4.

ichimaru1950d ago

who's crying. what are you 12, these are video games

shikamaroooo1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Final Fantasy was never a PlayStation exclusive (8,9,10 were the only exclusives on PlayStation) GTA games were on Xbox last gen. MGS games were on Xbox last gen (started on Nintendo) Tekken and DMC where the only franchises that changed. You're acting as if PlayStation didn't gain the likes of Bioshock and Mass Effect.

THEDON82z11950d ago

You tellem, dumbass xbots!!!!

shikamaroooo1950d ago

@squall 7 was released on PC and sorry I did forget 12

Jaqen_Hghar1950d ago

a man would think paying only for the game would be an easier pill to swallow than paying for online and the game no?

MysticStrummer1950d ago

Somehow it's a point of pride for them to pay to play online. It would be kinda funny, except that their attitude led the gaming industry to start wondering what else they could charge gamers extra for, such as online passes for used games.

XboxInnovation1950d ago ShowReplies(3)
josephayal1950d ago

Bungie is a great developer and Halo games have generally been great, TBH i Can't wait to Play destiny 'Halo' on my PS4