Hooray, Tomb Raider’s PC Version Is Now Way Less Crash-tastic

Kotaku - Tomb Raider's PC version is generally strong, offering a better-looking, higher resolution, smoother tomb-raiding experience than its console counterpart. That said, if you're using an Nvidia graphics card, the game could be pretty unstable, though that instability is usually fixed by turning tessellation off.

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Dylila1732d ago

sucks that a lot of pc games suffer from game breaking problems. thats why i love the convenience of console games and love the more polished pc games that requires high system specs.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231732d ago

Broken PC games are usually the result of console ports, Ill stick to PC games that work instead of generic tunnel based Console titles.

hiredhelp1732d ago

Well SPAM you'll be glad to know the game despite few nvidia problems was very much optimised for PC and very well done.
Myself used a AMD card with latest beta drivers no issues my best game this year so far.

Blastoise1732d ago

Like Sim City and Diablo 3 yeah?

TheFamous11732d ago

You don't need high system specifications to enjoy PC gaming. For example, this game will look and run great on a mid-range system.

mochachino1732d ago

I couldn't imagine buying a game and have it not work well enough to play it.

I don't have the patience for PC gaming, I'd completely lose my shitt. Although, I still want to build a gaming PC.

Canary1732d ago

In two decades of gaming across all platforms, I've had to deal with far more issues on consoles. Crashing, freezing, etc.

Thing is, if something is broken with a PC game, there's the potential to fix it--to work around it. Either on your own, with community help, third party tools, or via developer patching. But with console games? You can really only hope developers fix the issues in a patch, and even then, that's only THIS generation.

adorie1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Keep in mind patches cost money. Developers have stated, in the past, that the restrictions console devs have for certification up the cost of patches.

Not knocking console manufacturers, it just is what it is.

Psychotica1732d ago

Can't say I have had any problems with the PC version

TheFamous11732d ago

Same here.. I've had zero problems and zero crashes.. so I'd like to see the statistics fueling this article.

SP3333D-O1732d ago

Ditto. Zero problems. Looked and played fantastic.

fermcr1732d ago

Finished the game on the PC, had zero problems... and i have a nvidia graphics card.

kingxtreme811732d ago

What's funny is that I completed Tomb Raider before the latest patch with no problems whatsoever (GTX 570). Post latest patch, however, geometry is all messed up, clipping is literally taking away parts of the map, particularly on Shantytown, so that I cannot progress any further.

Don't get what's going on with this game on PC. It went from being perfect (for me) to being unplayable and broken.

Get it figured out, devs, because I love this game and not being able to play it is upsetting.

MontyQ1732d ago

same I finished game 3 days after launch no issues at all

i7 [email protected]
8GB ram
2 GTX 580s

gamernova1732d ago

Exactly! Running on 3770K @ 4.5, 16 gigs RAM, gtx 670. It runs smoother with the updates though; I get higher number for benchmarks.

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