Why Gran Turismo 6 Will be the Greatest Racing Simulator To Date

"It has been widely used amongst professional race car drivers and teams to train before being able to jump on the track in real life; they use Gran Turismo 5 to hone their driving skills and keep them sharp for when it’s time to hit the race. A comment from professional race car driver and instructor Tony Brakohiapa after being asked how Gran Turismo 5 stacks up compared to real life:"

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PoSTedUP1615d ago

ROTY, goty that year will go to whatever Naughty Dog will be releasing : P

HammadTheBeast1615d ago

Or Sony Santa Monica, or Media Molecule. Or David Cage's thing.

Jaqen_Hghar1615d ago

David Cage's thing. Aka old man on black screen looks around 2!

Washington-Capitals1615d ago

Uh... the Game of the Year will go to next Metal Gear Solid. MGS4 was hands down the most innovative and greatest game of the current generation. Kojima will deliver again with MGS5. But I bet if its announced its Multiplatform than it can no longer be GOTY since Sony Fanboys cannot accept that. The hypocrisy on this site is why I stopped posting for such a long time.

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showtimefolks1615d ago

Lets see GT5 was really really good so if they can improve other aspects than it will be the best

GT5 got SIm aspect of racing game to perfection
Forza IMO has better online features so take a look at that and improve
Less cars but more detailed cars, instead of having 600 generic and 400 great looking ones maybe do 500 fully detailed dun to drive cars

Have a better career structure
Do include NASCAR but include seasons or career

Other than that I thought GT5 was an amazing game so it could only get better with tweaks to a proven system

JRivera921615d ago

Gran Turismo 5 had to have been THE best racer I've played, ever! Sure it's not as Arcade-y as it's fellow Need For Speed or Burnout, but that's what separates it from the group. I have no doubt that Gran Turismo 6 will be even bigger and better in every way (well, other than Graphics since GT5 is just simply beautiful).

Skips1615d ago

Agreed, COMPLETELY NEW GAME after all the patches! Best racing sim on consoles.

neoandrew1615d ago

It is not simulator...

Real simulators are only on pc.

Reverent1615d ago

I cannot tell you how many hours I spent racing loops on the Daytona track in the exact same car... How the hell is Polyphony so good at making normally boring things into the definition of amazing?

N0S3LFESTEEM1615d ago

Perfecting a couple car models then importing PS2 quality cars for the rest of the game seemed kind of lazy (they could of at least bumped up the poly count)not to mention the crash physics are ridiculously lame.

Axe991615d ago

There were definitely issues with GT5, but it's far and away the best sim-style racer on console. Unfortunately, Forza's handling model (close, but still clearly not at the same level) and AI (in particular - you'll see cars shoot off the track at corners, at the Expert level, it's laughable stuff) hold it back. GT could learn a thing or two from Forza's presentation, though. GT's crash physics aren't great, but Forza's could do with some work as well.

As for this article, though, it's a waste of internet space, and poorly written to boot. Plus, past performance is no guarantee of the future - GT5 may be top dog now, but Forza 5 might be top dog next go-round. Either way, competition between the two of them should keep us racing fans happy :).

Dee_911615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

wasnt aware that the buggati veyron was in gt4.. nor the lamborghini countach and diablo.
The standards come from psp not ps2.The models had a higher poly count in the psp version but relatively the same textures thus the low res textures, tho theyve fixed a bit of the textures.But really its like putting liptstick on a pig at this point.Point being they arent ps2 cars but they arent completely current gen either they are in between

riverstars861615d ago

Gotta agree with neoandrew, but Gran Turismo and Forza are great console simulators.

Snookies121615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Why will it be? Because it's the next entry in the series maybe?

xJumpManx1615d ago

Greatest Sim racer possibly. When it takes a decade to make one release of the game it better be good.

JRivera921615d ago

Lmao deadass, though I doubt it'd be anywhere near a piece of crap like the new Aliens, 6 years in development? HA, what a waste of time.

Cocozero1615d ago

"On a PS Platform" Forgot to add that.

Forza is the definitive racing sim. GT hasn't even surpassed Forza 2 let alone 3 and 4.

PoSTedUP1615d ago

^sarcasm at its finest.

jimbobwahey1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

It's one thing to start some petty Forza/GT slapfight, but to go so far as to declare Forza the definitive racing sim and ignore the wealth of incredibly well-made racing simulators on the PC is complete madness.

I mean Forza doesn't even simulate varying weather conditions for a start, it's not even in the same league as the more respected heavyweights of the genre.

Then you have flaws such as Forza's active steering assist (hardcoded and separate from the user-controlled driving assists) that sabotage the franchises claims of being a simulator.

Is Forza a fun game? Of course it is! Is it the definitive racing sim? Absolutely not, it lags way too far behind the pack to even be considered a simulator in the first place.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1615d ago

Funny how one of the only times review scores DON'T matter, is when it comes to being Forza being better than GT this gen. It's obvious that it is overall better this gen, version after version, yet for the SDF, reviews don't matter on this one.

Of course, LBP reviews matter, Uncharted reviews matter... But for some reason, GT gets a free pass with it's rocking overall score of 84 or 85, or wherever it's at these days.

But GT has the weather and night!!! Still didn't help it review better.

Eyeco1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )


Forza is a better game overall but GT5 is a better simulator, I think thats what people mean if you read the comments people are comparing the two based on the simulation aspect.

And even still your on an article with the playstation brands biggest franchise, what on earth did you expect ?

TXIDarkAvenger1614d ago

saracasm up until 4. Forza 4 is definitely better than GT5 coming from someone who owns both.

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Skips1615d ago

"Forza is the definitive racing sim."

I dunno, Forza feels pretty damn arcadey compared to GT if you ask me. lmao.

Maybe the best racing game on Xbox but definitely not the best racing SIMULATOR on consoles.

Shadow Flare1615d ago

Lets be fair here, forza seems to be under a little stick here. The car physics in Forza do match, or are at least close to what Kazunori Yamauchi has produced in the past with his games

Motor Toon GP to name one

Shadow Flare1615d ago

swoosh....joke under the radar...

fabod861615d ago

Coco it's better for you to still with Chanel because gaming isn't for you. ;)

Me-Time1614d ago

haha I knew it was a joke so don't lose all hope for humanity.

Snookies121615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

You're delusional... You realize this yes? The Forza series has sold "slightly" more than the GT series this generation. Why? Because there have been what? Like 5 Forza games this generation? Whereas Gran Turismo has made 2 games. One of which wasn't even considered a full game... Keep trollin' dude, keep trollin'.

I like Forza, I really do. It's a great racer, but it certainly isn't a racing "sim". It's much more of an arcade experience.

riverstars861615d ago

Sorry, as an owner of both games, I couldn't possibly say that Forza isn't a simulator. It is definitely not an arcade racer, please take off your Sony goggles.

Snookies121615d ago

@riverstars86 - Dude, I've played Forza 4, and I owned Forza 3. I put in at least 40+ hours into the 3rd installment. I really did love the game, but it is NOT a simulator. It certainly has sim aspects, but it's infused with quite a bit of arcade elements (which really do work for the series). I'm saying in terms of simulation alone, it doesn't really compete with the GT series my friend.