She’s Sexy - Now Kill Her?

Kotaku: Sometimes beauty is just that: beauty. Sometimes, it's sexualized. That kind of beauty is meant to appeal not just to the eyes or the heart but to the loins, to tap into something primal, to turn us on.

What makes me uneasy, what feels—my opinion!—gross is when these two things combine, when a game sexualizes some of its characters and then lets you bash their heads in the ground and rip them in two. That's when it feels weird. That's when I wonder why I'm being asked to have fun with this. That's when I start wishing that vivid violence and sexualized content wouldn't mix in video games in the manner they do in God of War: Ascension, not when there seems to be no other point than asking me to have fun with it.

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AnotherProGamer2011d ago

so you would be ok with killing ugly people in games but not good looking people

Thats uglyist!

knowyourstuff2010d ago

lol this has to be the most pretentious article written on this subject yet. No one is listening to the idiots at Kotaku, and no one cares.

Gamers aren't stupid enough to think that Sony Santa Monica is full of woman-haters because 0.001% of the total enemies killed in all God of War games thus far were female.

Stop trying to make up the context to a scene in an attempt to mislead people, and allow people to interpret it for themselves.

Donnieboi2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Everyone...let's vote down Kotaku every time they try to start a flame war between the sexes. Noy to say there aren't real gender issues that need addressing, but articles like these are just fishing for needless flamebait.

SilentNegotiator2009d ago

As an ugly person on the inside and out, I'm deeply offended. I'm contacting the Ugliness Defamation League at once!

cooperdnizzle2009d ago

hahahah, so stupid. And you know what n4g is a crap website itself, they have people monitor if you swear? They have people monitor if you say something that may be immature. If they think you are off topic well then they hide your comment. This site is a joke now. Horrible articles left and right. Gaming media has to stop this bullshit. O wait will i get marked with bad language? And wait I'm off topic. On topic this is just taken way out of context. Move on get over it.

dantesparda2009d ago

Wow! Kotaku is phoney and pathetic and N4G needs to chill out with all the sensoring and i cant wait to get GOW:A so how you like them apples Sessler and Kotaku?

legend9112009d ago

I'm with him, it seems pretty stupid that the mods can do whatever they want and get away with it. :p

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KingKelloggTheWH2011d ago

Because you can kill as many men as you want but when you kill a woman....

TongkatAli2010d ago

Its not even a women. Furies are demonic creatures that worked for Zues, their job is to die by the hands of Kratos.

Attention "hoes" are the worst.

MasterCornholio2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Wait, are you saying that one of the furies are hot? I thought the 3 were all ugly just like the one in the demo.

Hmmm hot demonic fury.

Anyways back on topic. How many of you hanged a hoe in GTA and then sliced her in half with a Katana to get your money back? Killing women in Video is nothing new and in my opinion it would be sexist if you could only kill men an not women in video games. Now the next step are minors but I doubt that will ever happen because most of the time they are invincible in the games.


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