Dungeon Defenders 2 Isn’t Planned on Current Gen Consoles, Might be on Next Gen if They fit the Bill

As a big fan of the first Dungeon Defenders (today’s the last day to get it free on PlayStation Plus), I was really excited to hear that a sequel, titled Dungeon Defenders II, was announced today.

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dbjj120882014d ago

I'd love a sequel but this news doesn't surprise me.

TrendyGamers2014d ago

They didn't say that, just that if they can do consistent updates and cross platform play, they'd likely do it on next gen.

ftwrthtx2014d ago

Fun game, but why wait for the sequel for next gen only?

Foolsjoker2014d ago

I'm down for next gen. I'd much rather we have content ASAP on the PS4 than have to wait.

Snookies122014d ago

Can't wait, this game is a blast with a friend. Although control-wise, the PC version is the best way to go for it. It's usually extremely cheap on PC too, which is nice.

TrendyGamers2014d ago

Yeah, I see it for like $3 all the time.

Foolsjoker2014d ago

Wonder if it was a good idea to wait

jmc88882012d ago

Don't forget there is a ton of content as well.

Not just paid, but official free stuff, and user made free stuff.

Haven't played in a long time, but I must have played a couple hundred hours at least.

Wedge192014d ago

It was a great couch co-op experience.