Microsoft: no plans for any Halo game on Steam or a PC version of Halo 3

Microsoft has poured cold water on reports that suggested Halo 3 will be released on PC.

Microsoft issued a statement to Eurogamer on the matter after the latest AMD beta drivers were found to include an entry for Halo 3.

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camel_toad1953d ago

Yeh I remember way back before MS opened their wallet, Halo was strictly on pc in the early stages.

adorie1952d ago

Wasn't Halo a game originally for the Mac platform? I could be wrong,though. If I am, I stand corrected. :)

camel_toad1952d ago


Yep it was mac ;) My old brain just remembered it originally being a "computer" game - and it being a better looking game before it switched to xbox.

aliengmr1952d ago

I'm pretty sure it was going to the PC and Mac very early only until MS swooped in and made Bungie and other devs exclusive to XBOX.

I was excited at first for Halo, as I remember liking Oni, but pretty disappointed at them being exclusive to XBOX.

I do remember Apple being involved in some way, but I felt certain that it was coming to the PC.

aliengmr1952d ago

We were all wrong and somewhat right.

It started out as a game meant for PC and MAC, primarily for MAC. Was an RTS then a TPS. MS purchased Bungie and using the Xbox dev kit made it an FPS.

That according to Wiki.

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Pushagree1952d ago

There are so many better games you could play on hardware that you spent thousands of dollars on. Halo is a dinosaur now, so many other games have surpassed it to the point that it's not relevant anymore.

f7897901953d ago

Because Halo 2 didn't do well when released on pc TWO AND A HALF YEARS after the xbox version.

To be serious though, if Microsoft released it at the same time on pc, they'd lose one of their few exclusives.

Jek_Porkins1953d ago

Putting a game on PC doesn't make it any less of a console exclusive, considering they need to be played on a MS OS and published by them as well.

CaulkSlap1953d ago

Don't forget - Windows Vista Exclusive!

DigitalSmoke1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Halo 2 floped on PC because Halo is overated, nobody likes to say this because its popular under new gamers, but its how i see it as well.

SDF Repellent1953d ago

I want some of the good stuff that you are smoking, Digital.

RTheRebel1952d ago

He's smoking that drone weed lol

Lvl_up_gamer1953d ago

"Halo 2 floped on PC because Halo is overated"

Then you say

"nobody likes to say this because its popular"

Funny how you think it's overrated yet admit that it's popular.....o.O

It's POPULAR because it's NOT overrated.

Not a single Halo title has sold less then 5 million copies. Sales between 12 million and 5 million don't seem to equate to "overrated" or that only "new gamers" find the Halo series popular.

You comment is full of ignorance.

BiggCMan1953d ago

I'm not defending what he said, but by the same logic, Call of Duty must be the greatest franchise in history because of it's remarkable sales and popularity. Do you see the issue with your comment I hope?

Hydralysk1953d ago

Yeah I gotta disagree with you as well on the popular = not overrated argument. By the logic Twilight is good literature.

rainslacker1952d ago

Some of COD's popularity is due more to the massive advertising budget put behind it. I personally can't speak to it's quality, but there are a lot of people that enjoy the game play, so for them why should they care how it rates? All this stuff is subjective anyways. While I'm not a huge FPS fan, I actually enjoy the Halo series. Bungie is a quality developer.

As far as the twilight comparison...from what I've seen it's almost universally panned by the critics as sub par literature. That really has nothing to do with whether or not it's fan base enjoys it however. Sometimes stupid fun is still still fun.

DeadlyFire1952d ago

Well Halo 2 PC had problems.

1. Vista Exclusive at launch
2. Games for Windows Live
3. Some dumbass put a picture of their ass in the SDK. After I heard about that it disappeared from most retail stores that I visited. I don't know if it was banned from them or what.

When I did get a PC with Vista I lost interest in buying it.

FarCryLover1821953d ago

I bet it is coming. They just want to save this for E3 or whatever. They won't confirm this until they've announced things. I mean what are the odds: entries pop up on the Steam database, Halo in AMD drivers, and Age of Empires (HD edition coming to Steam). I think Halo will be on Steam this summer.

paddystan1953d ago

There are many clues who leads to that Microsoft wants to release their games on Steam. For example the word "currently". It's an obvious PR word for "we are not ready to announce it yet".

dirthurts1953d ago

Halo Started on PC. It deserves to get a PC version.
But, whatever. It's MS's way of making cash on their consoles. Business sucks, but it's business.

spicelicka1952d ago

that doesn't mean anything, everything starts on PC-_____-....

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