Will Diablo III Make an Easy Transition From PC To PlayStation 3/4?

Prima Games explores the game's transition from PC hit to console release.

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LordHiggens1945d ago

Sure it will...just remove that always online bullshit and we'll be all gravy...

mrmancs1945d ago

how ironic , the game i'm least looking forward and won't be getting for the ps4 is a high selling pc game...

LAWSON721945d ago

Your point? Sorry you are not a gamer who wants to at least try a game.

VsAssassin1945d ago

I think the real question here should be is: Will Diablo 3 sell on the PS4 or PS3 knowing that the game doesn't really offer much?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1940d ago

There doesn't seem to be any real incentive to get this. I mean most people can run this on their pcs. It's not exactly a demanding game. That being said. If it's not offering anything new or unique, who cares really?