Saints Row 4 Preview – Story, Superpowers, Gameplay Weapons & Vehicles

Everything we know so far about Saints Row 4 - regarding the storyline, characters, weapons, superpowers, vehicles, release date & various gameplay features.

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CaptainFaisal2010d ago

Wow no body gives a damn about Saints Row 4? Well i dont blame you! I do think their rushing this one! and yes i know THQ have shutdown ! maybe saints row 5 will be a hit? yes thats it im sure now!
Saints Row 4 is just lame and rushed.
Saints Row 5 will be all ubisoft ideas and i know ubisoft! they want quality! and im only buying saints row 4 to support ubisoft for saints row 5 so that is can be a triple A game.

aliengmr2010d ago

Ubisoft? huh?'ve played it?

Perfectly fine to worry that it might be a little soon, but August is still a few months away.

Little early to declare it a failure and then pin your hopes on ?Ubisoft? to make SR5, don't you think?

palaeomerus2010d ago

Deep Silver owns Voliton and Saint's Row (and Metro Last Light), not Ubisoft. Ubi just got the Southpark game. They have NOTHING to do with Saint's Row.

TuxedoMoon2010d ago

I would've preferred if Saints Row 4 was more or less a reboot or retelling, like Final Fantasy (where the games are not connected). A brand new game and story would've been better than the bloated DLC that is Saints Row 4.

Saints Row 3 was super crazy, yeah, but not as crazy as this. This isn't saints row's Prototype! I just feel that they really lost their way with the series and do hope they restart from scratch with a Saints row 5/reboot/retelling/update of the series.

oOMICHAELOo2010d ago

What the hell have they done to this franchise? It's nothing like the first two. They should have named this anything but Saints Row. I know it was DLC, but when thq went belly up they should have scrapped this project. this will surely taint the SR name.