Nintendo solidifies 60Hz support for Wii U Virtual Console with launch of Punch-Out!!

Nintendo will launch the US 60Hz version of Punch-Out!!, the next Wii U Virtual Console release in Europe.

The decision follows fan fury at the inferior 50Hz version of Balloon Fight launched on the PAL eShop in January.

Nintendo of Europe subsequently shifted to the US 60Hz version of F-Zero last month, a policy it is evidently continuing.

Punch-Out!! launches on Wii U eShop this Thursday, priced just 30p (€0.30).

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guitarded772015d ago

I just want widescreen support for the Virtual Console games on Wii U. And a trophy system would be awesome for replaying all these games.

ScubaSteve12015d ago

i still wanted earthbound then this piece of game

riverstars862015d ago

Now this is what I call a "system seller." Watch out world, Nintendo is back baby!!!

Skynetone2015d ago

30p is a bit steep, it should really only be 20p

riverstars862015d ago

I hope you are kidding, Nintendo should sell this game for £30. It is a bargain at even that price.

SilentNegotiator2015d ago

Is 10hz really a deal breaker for an NES game?

PopRocks3592015d ago

If it's running better, for those living in the UK who want these games it probably is.

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