Video Comparison: Los Santos and Los Angeles

It turns out that in reality, Rockstar Games are doing a pretty good job of accurately mimicking Los Angeles in the virtual GTA V city of Los Santos.

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Wuket1804d ago

It should be pretty close with the tech available these days (eg even things like Google Maps)!

Derekvinyard131804d ago

Can't wait for gta, even though I have to

claud31804d ago

close and i love the time actually put into it... Well done ROCKSTAR

Wuket1803d ago

Yeah lots of time on this one... can't wait to see the final product!

claud31803d ago

totally agree... Smart business

FamilyGuy1802d ago

Los Angeles is HUGE, what kind of idiot would travel on bike through all these locations? I could see the beach areas on bike but nothing else, not unless you were doing some sort of marathon for charity or an extreme workout.